Birdcage in Your Bathroom {A Unique Storage Solution}

Do you go shopping in your own house? You know, grab a shopping cart, stroll down the hallway, peek into each room to see what you’d like to ‘buy’?! I know this girl does! (well, maybe not with the cart.) But, ever since I started blogging full-time, well, let’s just say money aint falling from the sky. So, once we finished the wood plank wall in our bathroom, it was time to decorate, but with what??

Put a Birdcage in Your Bathroom, Creative Toilet Paper Storage

You may remember that the hubs and I did a butterfly release at our wedding… well, the butterflies were released from a tall silver birdcage. I found it on craigslist a few months before the wedding and bought it to house any cards that we would receive. It wasn’t until two weeks before the wedding that I had this idea to do a butterfly release… we contacted a butterfly farm… they said we were in luck… they could have them delivered just in time.

It was one of the most magical moments of our ceremony!

Wedding Bird Cage Butterfly Release

Ever since that magical day, that little birdcage has been sitting in our garage collecting dust. I knew I couldn’t part with it and one day I would figure out a use for it in our home. I would have never guessed it would be in our bathroom!

Paint a Bird Cage

I took the birdcage outside and cleaned off all the dust and cobwebs, and took it apart for spray painting.

Spray Paint a Bird Cage

I was pretty pumped to try out a new gadget that I was treated to at the Haven blog conference. It’s the Rust-oleum Comfort Grip, you can pick it up for about six bucks at most hardware stores, even Wal-Mart. And it is WELL worth the investment!

Simple Trick to Keep Your Fingers from Hurting While You Spray Paint

If you have spray painted anything bigger than a picture frame, then you know that ‘lil pusher finger can get pretty sore. Well, this little doo-dad turns any can of spray paint into your own personal trigger sprayer.

Trick to Spray Painting Without Finger Hurting

So much better. Comfort and control all in one. It made painting my birdcage so much easier. Especially since I had to do two coats.

Spray Paint Top of Birdcage

Once both coats were on… it was the bright white I was hoping for.

Bird Cage Painted White

So all I had to do then was lift the lid and pop in the extra toilet paper! (I won’t tell you that I had to rummage through all three bathrooms to scrounge up enough paper to fill this thing… guess someone needs to run to Costco!) But I love the idea of having this new storage solution in the guest bathroom. Nothing is worse than being at someone’s house and running out of toilet paper. Well, I guess if you clog the toilet, that’s pretty bad, but I digress.

I love that I’ve never seen anything like it!! And it has a very special story.

Detail of Birdcage

Nothings to say, she’ll live in the bathroom forever! But for right now, I’m pretty happy with the shopping trip through my garage!!

Birdcage Toilet Paper Holder

Am I right? I’ve seen bird cages in a bathroom but never with toilet paper inside… have you??? I even ‘pinterest-ed’ it! Is that a word??

– Vintage News Junkie

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  1. ok, not only is this neat storage, but it’s clearly something that’s so special to you. even better!

  2. What a charming idea. Love it!

  3. This looks great! Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays. x