Our Vintage Inspired Holiday Home {Video Tour}

♫ Deck the halls with lots of burlap… Fa-la-la-la-laaaaa la-la-la-la ♫

♫ Vintage finds and glitter mishaps…  Fa-la-la-la-laaaaa la-la-la-la ♫

♫ Wooden sleds and rustic barrels…  Fa-la-la-la-laaaaa la-la-la-la ♫

♫ Don’t you love this Christmas Carol…  Fa-la-la… la-la-la… la-la-laaaa ♫

Vintage Inspired Holiday Home Tour *VIDEO* #Holiday #Hometour #Christmas

Did you sing it? Did you sing it? Huh. Huh. Huh. I sure hope so!! I called the hubs as soon as I wrote it and was belting it out over the phone! He must have thought I had lost my mind! Anyhow, welcome to our 2013 Holiday Home Tour!

I am stoked to be joining 23 fabulous bloggers for four evenings of Holiday Home Tours! So grab your hot cocoa and prop up your fuzzy socked feet! This is gonna be quite the show!

Holiday Home Tour {Rustic Glam Tree} #Holiday #Christmas #HomeTour

I’m gonna let the pictures do most of the talking! I might pipe in with a ‘lil jingle every now an then.. ha ha!! Oh, your welcome. It’s my little gift to you!

Holiday Home Tour {Old Wagon for Christmas Gifts} #Holiday #Christmas #Hometour

Our tree this year, was a ‘dreamy’ one! We styled the entire tree around this one ornament, DREAM. And for good reason!

Holiday Home Tour {Vintage Sled and Ice Skates} #Holiday #Christmas #HomeTour

As you walk from the formal living room into the house, you come to our formal dining room. I thought it’d be nice to have two dining rooms for the holidays, but for Thanksgiving we all piled around one table… bar stools and all! And this little table sat untouched! Ha ha. I LOVE my family!!

Holiday Home Tour {Dining Room} #Holiday #Christmas #HomeTour

If you spotted my Wood Scrap Table Runner… it was so easy to make and FREE! It provides a beautiful foundation for the tablescape I created using several DIY Christmas Trees and lots of pinecones!

Holiday Home Tour {Dining Room Tablescape} #Holiday #Christmas #HomeTour

That picture is just chock full of DIY fun… my Sparkly Burlap Napkin Rings, two DIY Burlap Trees, and my Chunky Owl Centerpiece peeking over the top! He’s so cute! Okay, let’s head on to the family room!

Holiday Home Tour {Rustic Glam} #Holiday #Christmas #HomeTour The sparkle of our mantel really brightens the room! And is one of dozens of places where we have little white lights.

Holiday Home Tour {Rustic Mantel} #Holiday #Christmas #HomeTour

And below the mantel sit a couple of my very favorite vintage finds…

Holiday Home Tour {Living Room} #Holiday #Christmas #HomeTour

Holiday Home Tour {Vintage Rustic Theme} #Holiday #Christmas #HomeTour

The vintage goodness continues over on the hoosier, where I have some glass vases filled with buckeyes that mom and I picked on our mountain excursion!

Holiday Home Tour {Hoosier} #Holiday #Christmas #HomeTour

And mom spotted this wooden sled at the thrift store for $1.99. I was going to pass on it. It was summer time after all! But she said, “I think you”ll regret it come Christmas”… and she was right! So glad I picked this ‘lil guy up! It’s the perfect home for my ironstone tureen filled with sparkly, snow-covered fruit!

Holiday Home Tour {Video} #Holiday #Christmas #HomeTour And last, but certainly not least, my rescued Christmas tree! If you haven’t heard this story, Oh my! This tree was holding on to life when I found her on the side of the interstate! I managed to rescue her and a friend! And made a snazzy Galvanized Tree Skirt for her out of an old bucket!
Holiday Home Tour {Gold & SIlver Christmas Tree} #Holiday #Christmas #HomeTour

I have to say, this is only the beginning of our Holiday Home! There is so much more I wanted to share, but I knew your scrolling finger may be a little tired at this point, so the hubs and I created a VIDEO TOUR for you! So, go warm up your cocoa and enjoy this brief stroll through the place we call Home.

We are blessed to have you in our home today! And I am blessed to have you visit me here each and every day!

I’d love for you to stay a while, but I do have several friends who are anxiously awaiting your arrival! Do stop by again! It’s simply not the same without you here!

Until next time,

Vintage News Junkie


Tuesday, December 3rd

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Wednesday, December 4th

Christmas Party Tour Wednesday

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Thursday, December 5th

Christmas Party Tour of Homes Thursday December 5th option 2

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Friday, December 6th

Christmas Party Tour of Homes Friday December 6th

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  1. Wesley and I really enjoyed the music and tour of the house. Everything looks beautiful. Your house is full of all your craftiness and creativity! So when is HGTV calling?

    • Awwwww… I love that ya’ll were here right at 7pm!! A proper guest is never late. Ha ha!! And I love that you noticed all the handmade love in our home this Christmas! Soooo… about this HGTV thing…. you know somebody?!?!? 😉

  2. So many amazing vintage touches! Love them! Great job! 😀
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Wow Candace – amazing tour and VIDEO! I love all your stunning vintage touches and your trees are so beautiful! I can’t wait to get ours up:) The greenery everywhere is perfect too- I love it! So glad to be on this tour with you:)

    • Oh, Krista, it is my honor!! I have bragged about your Christmas village over and over again on Facebook and Pinterest! I just LOVE those little, scratch that, giant village houses!! Thank you for inviting me!! It’s been a blast!!

  4. Fantastic home tour! LOVE your DREAM tree! Super excited to be on a tour with all these talented ladies. Have a great night!

  5. WOW Candace! First off, I totally sang your carol – too cute! And secondly, your house looks AMAZING!!

  6. Wa was wee wa! I am trying to come up with a phrase as cool as yours was! Your home is freaking epic! You put so much effort into every little detail!! I so loved looking at everything and am so excited to follow you across the board! Thanks for the beautiful inspiration! xoxox

    • Oh, Molly, that means that world coming from you, friend! YOUR home is a dream!! I think I’ve made that clear by all the stalking I’ve done in recent days! Ha ha!! So glad to be on this tour with you… I’ve found a new friend!!

  7. Vintage perfection!! Just beautiful!

    xo, amy

  8. Candace! I’m SO EXCITED FOR YOU! I haven’t had a lot of time to blog or read blogs since Haven. Life and family have taken priority with little time for me to document anything, let alone craft and decorate. I miss it and I miss keeping up with my special blogging friends. 😉 The kids are home from school for a snow day so I got online for Christmas inspiration. I knew you would inspire me! My mom sent me a link to Balsam Hill’s site where they featured you and your blog!!!! Congratulations! I thought it was super cool she remembered you and sent me the link. True story…we just put up our Balsam Hill tree yesterday {I bought it for Christmas last year} and it was a cinch to put up! I am SO GLAD I invested the money for that tree! I am thrilled to death with your blogging success! Now I’m going to attempt to do some Christmas decorating of my own. Love ya bunches! Shannon

    • Oh, Shannon!! I think about you often and miss you too, friend!! You and your mama are so sweeet! I was so honored to be featured by Balsam Hill and I just love my tree too!! This little blog has blessed me in so many ways in over the last few months… ways I could have never imagined!! I sure hope you are planning to go to Haven next year… I would really love to see you again!! I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, if I don’t talk to you before then!! Tell your sweet mama, I said Merry Christmas too!! Ya’ll are such a precious family!! I am so lucky to have you for a friend!! *BIG HUG* 🙂

  9. I adore your tree and all the beautiful vintage touches in your home. Just lovely!!

  10. What a stunning tour! Your tree is amazing! I love the “Dream” theme! And all of your vintage touches just make it! Thanks so much for sharing your home with us!

    ~Abby =)

  11. How fun! I did sing it lol! Everything is gorgeous, especially your mantel! Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Yay for fellow Christmas carolers!!! Now all we need are fancy dresses and little candles to hold!! I’m such a dork!! Ha ha!! But if I’m a dork… well, friend…. just kidding!! So glad you stopped by!! Hope to see you soon! 🙂

  12. Amazing Christmas tour, Candace! You totally nailed it. I LOVE your tree with the old doors behind it! I’m sharing on my FB page today 😉

    • Thank you for sharing, Jamie!!! I am loving those old doors too!! And a couple of them came from my great-grandmothers house!! I just love thinking of her when I see them. I thought it was the perfect backdrop for soooo many reasons!! *Hug*

  13. Your home looks amazing Candace!! And I LOVE the burlap song 🙂 Pinning- xo

  14. Candace! Your home is absolutely beautiful! Very dreamy, very vintagey, very fabulous! I’m having a hard time picking one favorite part… but I think I’d have to say how you’ve incorporated vintage items into your decor. OH, and I totally sang along 😀 I LOVE Christmas carols, and made-up ones are even better!

    • Woot woot!! I think our group of Christmas carolers is up to five!! That’s why ya’ll are the best!! Ha ha!! So glad you like the tour… and our vintage junk! I’m already excited to pack it up and decorate for Spring… is that bad? Ha ha!!

  15. I entered this giveaway from another blog I follow.

    I LOVE YOUR STYLE! Yes, all caps, because I would be shouting it to you as I run in for a hug.

    Lady, I don’t know how I hadn’t found you before , but now I have liked you on facebook and signed up for your emails. Your tree? It is spectacular! So are many, many other things about your house. We have a lot in common, but I have so far to go until I get my house as uber-decorated as yours. I’m on my way, though! I plan to scour your whole blog as soon as I get the time to do it and consider me using your ideas as the sincerest form of flattery. (in advance!)

    Thanks for sharing so much with the world.

    • Oh, you are too sweet, friend!! I am so glad you found me!! And I am running right back at ya! Picture fields of flowers and slow-motion effects with music! Ha ha!! And don’t you go gettin’ discouraged about your house not being decorated. I only show the pretty parts of my house and once I take down all the Christmas decor… well, I will be right there with ya, trying to get this house decorated!

      We have only loved in this house for about a year, so it’s been slow going to get her all fixed up!! So I’m glad you found me! We can do this thing together!! Get our houses all dolled up and share ideas along the way!! Come back soon friend… and don’t be shy!! Hit me up in the comments so we can keep in touch!! Hug back at ya!!


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