Come Pick My Garage {DIY, Upcycle, Junk Heaven!}

It’s simple. Sometimes you get in over your head. Sometimes you’re in so deep, you can’t breathe. You keep sinking deeper and deeper. It rises to your knees, your thighs, before you know it your in up to your neck!! Welcome to my garage…

Pick My Garage

Yup… no floor! Well, there is one but you sure can’t see it!! This was the point of no return for me.. and a clear sign that it was high time to purge! I love having project pieces that I rescued from here, there, and everywhere, but the truth is, when you have 764 pieces, you have no space to work on the pieces you want to upcycle and wouldn’t be able to find it even if there were room! So today, my dear local DIYers is your lucky day… well, actually Saturday will be… when I invite you to pick my garage!!

Pick My Garage Sale

That’s right!! You. Me. A Saturday morning in my garage… it’ll be the best junkiest garage sale around!! I’m gonna warn ya, this post is a little lengthy, but shows off some pretty spiffy junk!!

A DIYers Garage Stash

Now, I know what you are thinking. Who wants to dig through THAT!? Lucky for you, I tidied up a bit and have some pics to give you a sneak peak at what I found in my garage!! And what you can take home from our mega garage sale!!

Mega Garage Sale {Junk Heaven}

Let’s just take a little tour shall we? I’ve got old doors, and old shutters…

Old Chippy Door

Old Shutters and Old Doors

old mirrors waiting for a makeover…

Old Wooden Mirror

Old Mirror Waiting for a Makeover

five boxes of mason jars used in a wedding so they are already wired to hang!

Mason Jars for Wedding

Mason Jars for Wedding

And remember all of my tobacco stick projects?? Like the DIY Barn Wood Frame I just made… well, I’m parting with some of my tobacco sticks too!!

Tobacco Sticks

If you liked my Funky Junky Birdhouses… I’ve got a couple of those too!

Old Birdhouse

Did I mention burlap sacks?? I didn’t think so! I’ve got boxes you can fill and tons to go around!!

Burlap Sacks

I had great intentions with these tires… have you seen this rockin’ side table from While They Snooze?? I’ve got the tires… come and get ’em!!

Awesome Upcycled Tire Side Table

And did you spot the old wooden ladders in the last couple pictures?? I know you’ve seen on Pinterest what you can do with these!

And have I got furniture? Oh… I got furniture!! Let’s start with this beautiful antique gentlemen’s dresser…

Old Gentlemens Dresser


Lots of Chairs for Sale

Antique rockers…

Antique Rocking Chairs

And side tables galore!!

Side Tables for Sale

Small Side Table

And these little stools are dolls! Sand ’em, paint ’em, new fabric… be still my heart!!

Cute Little Stools

And after flipping our space in Burlington to create Rusted Roots, I pulled some painted pieces from there as well!! All three will be at the garage sale… and for CHEAP!!


One of my favorite things that I am parting with is this lobster trap… all the way from Florida! Yes, in my little red car!! Can we say coffee table?!

Lobster Trap from Florida

And I’ll wrap up this epic garage tour with a few of the smaller things that caught my eye… with the exception of that painting! It’s a beast!!

Junk for Sale

I’ve got teacups, saucers, and old plates to boot!! Even an old singer sewing machine!! No wait… TWO!!

More Junk for Sale

Now… here’s the deal!! I want this stuff GONE!! I want to makeover the garage to create a space where I can actually create!! Sooooo… if you are a dealer and are interested in buying my entire garage… come on by! Take a look and make me an offer!! And to everyone else, come pick ’til your little hearts content! Bring a truck!! I’ve got plenty of bags and boxes to load up your goodies!!

So, where’s this shindig going down?? I’m not that crazy… shoot me an email if you are interested in coming and I will give you the address.

Sale starts when we open the garage!!

Don’t forget your cash!!

And hopefully you will leave with a truck full o’ junk and cluck all the way home!!

Roosters for Sale

See you Saturday friends,

Vintage News Junkie

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  1. I have two pallets in great condition if. You want them…..

  2. Jo Ann Miller says:

    OMG! I could cry! I would love the first mirror and the gentleman’s dresser! I just don’t think I can be there by Saturday. Texas is a long way off! Haha. I really would love to do some pickin! Good luck and I’ll bet is all gone by noon! Hugs

  3. Christine Corey says:

    I love the burlap sacks, how much would you be selling them for and would you be interested in shipping them if I paid shipping and handling?

  4. Goodness gracious, woman! You sure know how to treasure hunt. Seriously contemplating a road trip right now…because not only did this post make me hungry for a good garage sale, but for some Candace-time! Miss you, girl!

    • Oh, I miss you too friend!! Only two months to go til our weekend of bloggy bliss! Oh! It’s a thing! Ha ha! And oh how I wish you could truck it up here for the sale… Heck for the weekend!!! We’d have a blast!! Muah!

  5. You are killing me!!!!!! What a wonderful treasure trove!

  6. I got nothing !
    Keep up the good work.

  7. JaneEllen says:

    Since I can’t come get that dresser I’d love to have the chickens. what do you want for them? I have chickens in my kitchen, have for long time now. Mostly I have lot of ceramic chickens I bought at HL few years ago. They live on top of my kitchen cupboards. Would be so nice to have some wood ones to switch out. Maybe we could do a trade for the runner depending on what you want for them and shipping. Lets see, what else do I want? You’re killing me here girl, showing me this goodness I can’t get to. That dresser is so making my heart pitter patter. I need to move back to KY. Bet your sale cleans you out. Happy weekend

  8. Cindy Lynn says:

    Oh how I wish I had seen this last week!! I’m only about 30-40 min. from you…That garage full of junk is to die for!! By chance do you still have the screen door? or anything left? 🙂