DIY Topiary Centerpiece in Just 30 Seconds!

Have you ever had a centerpiece emergency?! You know, you offered to host Sunday’s finger-lickin’ family gathering, but you were too busy tryin’ to get your fried chicken crispy and your tater gravy creamy… that a centerpiece didn’t even cross your mind! I mean, in my house, we don’t need a centerpiece. Just plop the food in the middle of the table and that’s centerpiece enough! But if you want a little something special and just don’t have time, this 30 second DIY Topiary Centerpiece is for YOU!!

DIY Topiary Centerpiece in Just 30 Seconds

When I say 30 seconds, I mean 30 seconds. One half of a lousy minute. C’mon, you can do it! And likely with stuff you already have on hand. Here’s what you need…

Two Flower Pots. You could use terracotta like I had on hand, or any other pot, even a bowl or sugar dish could be cute if it is big enough. Just play with what you have. No need to bust the budget. I picked these up at my fave thrift spot for 10¢ each! Clean ’em up? Nope. I like the character! A couple ‘lil plants lived in these pots once upon a time.

Terracotta Pot Centerpiece

Next, you’ll need two tall candle holders. I am in LOVE with these two pillar candle holders… and even moreso with their story! You see, Mom found these two candle holders when she was out thirftin’ one day. They’re from Pier One!! Holla!! And still have the price tags on them… $13.95 and $19.95! I think she dropped a couple bucks a piece for them! I was excited for her, we always celebrate each others awesome treasure finds! But the next time I was at her house, I fell in love. They are just perfect! I told mom I wanted her to wrap them up and give them to me for Christmas! I didn’t know if she would because she loved them almost as much as me! And she HATED the idea of giving me something for Christmas that she bought at a thrift store. I begged. And I begged some more. And come Christmas…. well… they made their way from Mom’s mantle to mine!! I love them even more now!

Pillar Candle Holder Centerpiece

And lastly, you’ll need a couple of small plants. If you have a green thumb, you could use real ones. But if you’re thumb is purple like mine, you can pick up a couple of cute artificial plants like these at Ikea for $4-$6 a piece!

Ikea Artificla Plant for Centerpiece

Now this is the part that may get you… brace yourself for assembly… are you ready… two steps…

1. Plant in Pot

2. Pot on Candle Holder

DIY Topiary Step One, Step Two

And there you have it… in the time that you read this post, you could have two Topiary Centerpieces!! I have mine sitting in front of my Flutter Flutter Kitchen Shutters, but I’m thinking they will make their way back to my fireplace mantle for the Fall.

The Ultimate One Minute Craft DIY Topiary Pillars

If you can’t find candle pillars that you like, don’t underestimate the power of paint! You could always pick some up at a thirft store and do a number of painting techniques on them to give them the look you are going for!

Flower Pot Centerpiece

Quick Centerpiece Tutorial

So next time, you’re in a fix for Sunday’s finger lickin’ family gathering… pop your biscuits in the oven and grab your supplies. You can have these bad boys on the table in the time it takes to butter your biscuits!! Besides, what else can you do in 30 seconds??

– Vintage News Junkie

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  1. Cheryl Beaty says:

    Hi Candace. I am Shannon Wilson’s Mother and I am really enjoying your blog and daily posts I receive by email. So glad you guys met each other. Your wedding pictures and story are priceless. Happy blogging, Cheryl Beaty

    • Oh, Cheryl, it is so nice to meet you! (be it, virtually!) I am so glad that Shannon found me too! She is such a doll, as you well know! I am glad that you are enjoying my blog and my crazy stories from the wedding! It was truly the happiest day of my life! (Note: we don’t have children yet, I hear that will top the wedding day!) Thanks for comin’ along for my journey! 🙂

  2. Candace, these are adorable! I typically suck at centerpieces, but I could pull this off!

  3. Very cute! I love having plants inside and this is a more decorative way of doing it!

  4. I loved your post. The plants are gorgeous! Why don’t you come show off at our link party.
    Frenzy Friday
    We are new bloggers but trying hard and with lots of passion.

  5. Ha ha. I, too, agree that food is often the best centerpiece…and the only kind I have! But after seeing how quickly and creatively you can whip up something really chic like a DIY topiary centerpiece, I’m going to shove those mashed potatoes aside and bring in some decorative plants, I do declare! 😉

  6. These are FANTASTIC! I have the candle holders, the pots and the spot to put these… just need the plants! Thanks for the great tip!


  8. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for that step by step. I think I can do that….would your mom find me a set of candleholders like those ;D


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