DIY Wine Cork Monogram {and surprise storage for extra corks!}

Mornin’ friends… I hope you had a nice weekend! Ours was pretty busy… but exciting! We closed the deal with our very first Junkie Paint retailer! (More on that later this week!) Today, I”m gonna share a quick tutorial for making a wine cork monogram.

DIY Wine Cork Monogram by Vintage News Junkie

Truth be told, I made this monogram a few months ago… but when I took the candlesticks off of our fireplace mantel to make my 30 second centerpiece, it left the monogram a little wobbly. I guess the candlesticks were lending a supportive shoulder. The next day, I came downstairs and my “H” was now a showering of wine corks across my living room floor! Time to rebuild!!

Recycle Old WIne Corks Crafts

I’m pretty lucky when it comes to making monograms because our last name starts with an H… no curvy swervies to work around, just a whole lot of straight lines. If your last name is Smith… may the force be with you! I started by hot gluing the corks in a straight line. This would be the tall sides of my H.

How to Build a Cork Monogram Letter

As you start to add layers to your sides, make sure you put the hot glue in two places. I think this is where I messed up the first time. Had I ‘double-glued’ the corks, I don’t think I would have had quite the sea of wine corks on the floor.

DIY Monogram Letter Wine Corks

Once I had the side as tall as I wanted, I widened the base so it would have a little more support to stand on. Now, the important bit here is stand it up and make sure you glue the corks flat with the ground. You may have to play with different corks to find the sizes you need to make it work.

How to Make a Cork Letter

If our last name was Irvin, Irwin, Isley, Ingall, well, you get the picture, I’d be done! But for us, I had to build another side just like this.

DIY Wine Cork Monogram Tutorial

Easy Monogram Wine Work Tutorial

Then I connected the two… and done!

Fireplace Mantel Decor

Now for all those extra corks… I have some other projects up my sleeve but until then, I thought, why shove them in my plastic crafts drawers?? I decided to decorate with them. I dumped them in a large glass vase that I had on hand.

Store Extra Wine Corks in Glass Vase

And popped a candle on top! I don’t plan on burning this candle (in fact, it’s one of those battery-light-up-ones, found it at the thrift store for $1!)

And there you have it…

Creative Storage for Wine Corks
I placed the monogram back on the mantel, this time with my new white insulator ($1.29 thrift find last week!) Have you ever seen one? I had never seen a white insulator!! I was so excited!! And now my cork monogram has a new shoulder to lean on… hopefully she’ll stay on the mantel this time!!

French Fireplace Mantel Decor #Paris

Have you seen a white insulator before?? I haven’t done research but wonder how old it is??

Until next time,

Vintage News Junkie

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  1. The vision of sea of wine corks on the floor has me chuckling…. Way to go for the gold this second time around. I think your double-sided gluing technique is going to work wonders. I really do love the final look – – all those different shades of cork. Too bad we only really drink one type of wine…ours would be rather boring. Maybe it means it’s time to branch out?

    Also, way to get create with that candle holder! Watch out – – Pottery Barn will be copying you and doing the same thing next month!

    • Ha ha! Pottery Barn. You’re a comedian!! But thank you, Lauren!!! You know what, you wouldn’t think it to look at this project… but the hubs and I don’t ever really drink wine. I know, right?!? I’m more of a fruit drink kinda gal… when I have one. I actually hit up a local non-profit for all of my corks! Companies (I guess, in this case restaurants) donate their unwanted junk and they sell it. It is a warehouse for wacky what-nots for all those pinteresty projects!! I love it!! If you’re ever in NC… I’ll have to take you!! 😉

  2. I LOVE this!!!! I have been saving up wine corks to do a monogram. I hope a “K” is easy like an “H”.
    Oh, and I will totally take you up on the “warehouse for wacky what-nots” if I’m ever in NC! It sounds amazing!

    • Thanks, Em (Do people ever call you Em?)…. I think you’re in the clear with a ‘K’! Still lots of straight lines!! And we will totally make a party out of the warehouse if you are ever in the area! It’s a super fun place to dig!!

  3. I just lucked up on a huge bag of corks. I have a project for about half of them, but a monogram would be neat for the others. HMMM… “W”?


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