Build Your Own Wooden Mail Sorter {Video Tutorial}

If you follow my blog, you know I like chunky stuff! Chunky furniture, chunky jewelry, chunky peanut butter. Okay, I digress. And the more rustic the better! I searched and searched for a mail sorter that fit the bill. (no pun intended!) But just couldn’t find one… so the hubs and I decided to make one! 

And we did a video tutorial to show you how!!

Wooden Mail Sorter Build Plan and Tutorial

Now, when we set out to build this mail sorter, we had no plan. To be honest, I had no idea what I was doing, I just made it up! And while it turned out great… trying to put my ‘plan’ on paper (or a computer, in this case) yeah, that wasn’t happening! I tried my hardest to put our ‘plan’ into an easy to read guide, I just couldn’t do it! That’s when the FABULOUS Ana White stepped in!! (Remember, we met at the Haven Blog Conference!)

Ana White

And boy, did Ana come to the rescue!! She put together an amazing plan for this mail sorter with super simple step-by-step instructions! I’ll show you how we made ours.. and then you can head over to Ana’s site to download the free plans!!

Here’s what you need to buy at the hardware store:

1- 1″ x 8′ x 10′ whitewood board
3- 3/8″ x 2″ x 36″ whitewood strips
3 coat hooks
1 sawtooth hook (hanger)

Okay… so let’s start with the video!! I’ll walk you through the whole process and then I have a few little tips and tricks to share!! Enjoy!!

So, it looks pretty easy, right? You can totally make one!! A couple little tips…. one, I used wood glue in addition to the nails. I want my mail sorter to last for years to come! So, just spread an even coat of wood glue and then nail her together!

How to Build Your Own Wooden Mail Sorter

Two, Ana suggests using laths for your framing! Great idea, right?!? I picked mine up at Home Depot.

How to Make a Wooden Mail Sorter

And last but not least… I mentioned this in the video, but juuust in case you missed it! Stain all of your pieces BEFORE you put it together. You want to stain it first, because once you put it together, you won’t be able to get down in the crevases behind the mail slots. Luckily, I was thinking ahead on this one!!

DIY Wooden Mail Sorter Tutorial

I used a foam brush to apply my stain. I wanted a dark rich color so I went with Rustoleum stain in Dark Walnut. I applied the stain, let it sit for about 3 minutes or so and then wiped off the excess. Then once it was dry, a light sanding around the edges gave her the finish I wanted. Then it was time to put her togther!

The back of our mail sorter is 3 feet long, so to make sure our mail slots are evenly spaced, I took a piece of chalk and marked on our board where our slots were going to be attached. I just eyeballed it to be sure I had enough room at the bottom for our hooks! I used wood glue and a couple nails and we were in business!

DIY Wooden Mail Sorter {Step-by-Step Tutorial}

And same thing for the hooks… I just placed the hooks where I thought they looked good, marked it with a pencil, and drilled a couple pilot holes. Then popped the hooks in place with a couple screws!

Build Plan for Wood Mail Sorter

A simple sawtooth hook on the back is how we hung our mail sorter. Make sure you get a stout one… your mail sorter will be heavy! So what do you think?

DIY Mail Sorter with Build Plan

Chunky and rustic… just the way I like it.

Wood Mail Sorter Build Plan and Tutorial

Build Plan for Wooden Mail Sorter

Build Your Own DIY Mail Sorter

And those little black hooks have come in soooo handy by the door! Now we always know where our keys are!! Ha ha!! If you like this mail sorter, pin it for later!! And don’t forget to head over to Ana’s site to download the free plans!! If you’re like me, you’ll get sucked in over there pinning hundreds of amazing build plans!!

Until next time,

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  1. I totally love this, Candace!! And partnering with Ana?? What a dream … or actually a reality for you. 🙂 But a dream for me. I love her stuff (and yours too!). I may have to make one of these of my very own. I’m so ready for Spring to truly arrive so that it’s comfortable to work in the garage again.

    • You and me both, Laura!! I can’t wait to work out in the garage again!! You won’t believe it but we have totally been sawing and sanding in our formal living room!! It’s a mess!!! Luckily we have hardwoods, so I’ll be spending the next three weeks cleaning and scrubbing!!! Ha ha!! Glad you like the mail sorter!! 🙂

  2. Love it! And I think we have the same ring and band so I love them too! 🙂

  3. Hi There~

    What a great project! I have a question about your Ryobi nailer. How heavy is it, and do you think the battery life is good? Would you recommend it? Can you tell us what model you are using please? ( I am in the market for one.) I replaced my old cordless drill with a Ryobi recently and I really like it.

    • Hi Tamara!! Thanks for stopping by!! I have had my Ryobi nailer for a little over 6 months and I LOVE IT!! I wouldn’t say it is heavy… it is actually very light. But depending on the battery you use with it, that will add a little bit of extra weight. I have the Ryobi One Plus 18-Volt 2 in. 18-Gauge Cordless Brad Nailer Model # P320. It came with a standard battery, but I got the Ryobi 18-Volt One Plus Lithium Plus High Capacity Battery Model # P108. It has 4 tmes the battery life of the standard battery and is lighter. You can read all about both my nailer and the battery on Home Depot’s website. Just copy and paste the titles in the search box and compare. Hope that helps!!! 🙂

  4. What stain did you use i love the look and how it turned out. iam buying a ryobi nailer in 2 weeks glad its a good investment

  5. Candace this video tutorial is amazing! You make it look so easy.

  6. This is beautiful Candace! And how amazing to collaborate with Ana!

  7. Woot woot! Two amazing women collaborating in 1 epic DIY project! It’s almost too good to be true – – except it IS indeed true. We desperately need a mail sorter, and I’m so thankful to have such clear plans by Ana and a stellar step by step video by you to help me through it when the time comes. Congrats again on this awesome partnership! Hope it’s one of many! 😉

  8. The link on Ana’s page to download the pdf version doesnt work 🙁
    is there another place to get the pdf?

    • Hi Kelly! Unfortunately, I don’t have access to that file. Only Ana has it on her site. If it is still not working, perhaps shoot her a message on her facebook page. I think that’s the best way to reach her. I hope that helps! If you have any specific questions let me know and I will do my best to try to help you! 🙂

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