Easy DIY Twine Christmas Tree {Criss-Cross Tutorial}

♫ On the third day of Christmas, my true love made for me… Criss-Cross Twine♫

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And an Upcycled Tree that’s Sparkly

Welcome to Day Three of the 12 Days of DIY Christmas Trees.

12 Days of DIY Christmas Trees #12DaysofTrees

Why is it that I have the sudden urge to “Jump”? Maybe it has something to do with this! Ha ha… annyyyyyway. If I can sit still long enough, I will show you how I whipped up today’s Criss-Cross Twine Christmas Tree! Another easy peasy project!

Criss-Cross Christmas Tree with Twine {DIY Tutorial} #12DaysofTrees

All you need is a cone and some twine! Now for this tree, I used one of those cemetery vases, I showed you on Facebook a couple weeks ago. The hubs cut the tip off for me, using a hacksaw, so I was left with a green plastic cone. You could also use a styrofoam cone, but I find the hot glue sticks better to plastic.

How to Make a Twine Christmas Tree

Start at the top of your cone, hot glue your piece of twine. (I used a heavier hemp twine, because I liked the weight of it better.) And then just work your way down the cone, wrapping the twine evenly and flat. No criss-crossing just yet! Jumping, yes! Criss-Crossing, no!

How to Make a Christmas Tree with Twine

Once you have covered your whole tree, glue the twine in place on the bottom. Don’t cut it, just glue it in place. Now, we will start the criss-cross. So start at the  bottom and just wrap a few go-rounds with your twine to the top, making as many or as few stripes as you want.

DIY Twine Christmas Tree

Then once you are at the top, continue back down the tree and you will see that you will be criss-crossing over the stripes that you just added going up the tree.

Criss-Cross Twine Christmas Tree Tutorial

You can go up and down the tree as many times as you want to create as many criss-crosses as your little heart desires! Then when you are done criss-crossing, hot glue your twine in place and cut the loose end.

DIY Christmas Tree Tutorial

Once I finished all my criss-crossing… and stopped jumping for a sec, I realized that I did not cover the top of my tree. Oh no! Nothing a little dab of glue and a scrap piece of twine can’t fix.

How to Make a Criss-Cross Twine Christmas Tree

Now she was ready for her new home… don’t ya love the criss-cross??

DIY Criss-Cross Twine Christmas Tree

DIY Twine Christmas Tree {Easy Tutorial}

12 Days of DIY Christmas Trees {Twine}

And one more look at that lovely criss-cross for good measure…

Step-by-Step Tutorial for DIY Christmas Tree

Until next time…. be sure to check out the other trees in this 12 Days of  DIY Christmas Trees Series.

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  1. Hi,
    What did you stick the twine tree onto as the base? I see you have a metal base on one and another tree has a wood base?


  2. Love all your tree ideas.
    Must try making at least one.