Easy-to-Make Burlap Napkin Rings {with Sparkly Pinecones!}

Handmade Burlap Napkin Rings with Sparkly Pinecones by Vintage News Junkie

Remember those candy cane reindeer from 1st grade.. pipe cleaner antlers and all?? Do kids still make those?? Or the felt mice that also housed a candy cane?? Or how about this guy…. a pom pom Christmas wreath ornament??

DIY Pom Pom Wreath Kid's Craft

Mom and I spent some time this past weekend digging through some old Christmas decorations! That’s how I scored my vintage Christmas tree cake pan I told you about on Facebook! And yes, friends, I made that beautiful wreath over 25 years ago!! My mom is the best at keeping childhood treasures!

Child's Christmas Wreath Craft

Little known secret about me.. I went by “Kandi” until the third grade when I became “too cool” for the name Kandi and wanted to be called Candace. My dad is the only person who still calls me Kandi… and somehow now… 25 years later, I love it! (Only from my dad though, don’t get any wise ideas!!)

Digging through the box, I also found these little friends… Santa Claus napkin rings… made by yours truly!

Kid's Santa Claus Napkin Rings: Paper Craft

Funny story, mom told me when I brought them home, my little brother who hadn’t started school yet wanted to copy me and make some napkin rings of his own. My mom, being the thrifty DIY-er herself and a mom who would never let her child down… found some paper towel tubes and yes, I believe paper towels… and let my brother have at it! These were his napkin rings…

Child's Paper Towel Napkin Rings: Easy Craft

Bless his little heart. I ♥ him! There was one for mom, dad, sis, and Andre… with a little “w’ squeezed on the end, to say Andrew. They are priceless!!

So today, in honor of my brother’s paper towel tube napkin holders from 1980-something, I present…

How to Make Burlap Napkin Rings for Fall by Vintage News Junkie

I started with three toilet paper tubes (I didn’t have paper towel tubes on hand) and cut them in half to create six smaller tubes. They were just the right size.

Toilet Paper Tubes for DIY Burlap Pinecone Napkin Rings

Then, I cut 12 strips of burlap! It was leftover from my Fall Burlap Banner. Thank you, Online Fabric Store!

Strips of Burlap for DIY Napkin Rings

To give the burlap a little more character, I tore just a couple strings off of each side to make it fringe a little.

Create Fringed Edges on Burlap Strips

Then it was time to sew the strips together. I wanted to attach two strips to each napkin ring to make it look full. And I sewed them together with twine. I went straight across the top, down the back, and back across the bottom. It’s all one piece of twine. I threaded it with a large-eye plastic needle.

Sew Burlap Together with Twine

Half-way through the top row of stitches, I stopped long enough to slide on a sparky pinecone ornament that I picked up at the dollar store. They came two to a pack.. so 50¢ a piece. Good deal for a little sparkle, huh?!

Small Christmas Ornament Pinecone Decorates Burlap Napkin Rings

Once my burlap was sewn together and ready to attach, I hot glued it to the toilet paper tubes.

Attach Burlap to Napking Rings with Hot Glue

And in less than 45 minutes, I had six burlap napkin rings with sparkly pinecones! I have to say, I think I’ve come a long way since my Santa Claus napkin rings!!

Burlap Napkin Rings Step-by-Step Tutorial

Easy DIY Burlap Napkin Rings with Pinecone Embellishment

DIY Burlap Napkin Rings for Fall

Beautiful Pinecone Burlap Napkin Rings for Fall

I have loads of other pinecone projects up my sleeve. I believe, I may have a sort of woodsy themed Thanksgiving and Christmas!! What do you think?

Too early to be talking Christmas???

Until next time,

Vintage News Junkie

Looking for more burlap projects… check out my Ruffly Burlap Wreath Video Tutorial and learn how to make burlap rosettes you can attach to ANYTHING!

How to Make a Burlap Wreath Video Tutorial by Vintage News Junkie

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  1. Very cute idea! But the thought of using toilet paper rolls on my dinner table kind of eews me out. I think I’ll use paper towel rolls on mine. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you, Small Talk Mama. I can understand the eww factor… we never actually use the napkins that are in the napkin rings. We are a paper napkin (heck, maybe even paper towel) kinda family! 🙂 For me, it’s really just for looks! So glad that you like them!

  2. I love Setting a great table and this really sets the mood for the DAY!This is fabulous Candace ! I am really thinking to made these for my table ,the napkin rings are sooo cute, a really clever idea to use toilet paper tubes, thanks for brilliant ideas!

    • Thank you so much, Evie! This is the first time I have actually ‘set’ a table, so needless to say I am stoked with how it turned out! I LOVE it!! I’d love to see your napkin rings if you make some…. maybe you could share a pic on Facebook! Thanks for stopping by and saying Hello! 🙂

  3. Brilliant! I love upcycling stuff like this. The little ornaments are precious. 🙂

    • Oh, thank you Amanda! I am a sucker for a good upcycle too!! Give me some junk and I am bound to have a good ‘ol time!! I fell in love with those little ornaments when I saw them too… and you can’t beat $1 for four of them! I love a good dollar store find about as much as I love my junk!! Ha ha!

  4. Very cute! Pinning!

  5. I’ve been hoarding empty toilet paper rolls for a while waiting for a good project to come along. I love how you created these napkin rings!

    • I’m a TP roll hoarder, too, Emily! So of course, I’m perking up at this potential use for them! (Oh, and the burlap makes me extra excited.) Love how your maxing out that online fabric store burlap. I think I have a few shreds left that might be purrrrfect for some napkin rings. Thanks for the inspiration, Candace!

    • Yay…. TP roll hoarders unite!! 🙂 I’m contemplating a garland of some sort with the rest of my TP rolls! And Lauren, I stretched that fabric as far as I could!! I love it!! Now to hit the web for some more fun fabric!! Can’t wait to see what you ladies make with your TP rolls!!

  6. LOVE the burlap napkin rings! Great idea to use toilet paper rolls. Your wreath is gorgeous, too!

    • Oh, thank you, Kirsten!! I’m glad you like the wreath too! It’s one of my favorite projects ever!! I want to make another one for Christmas and maybe go all the way around the wreath! And oooooh… I could add glitter!! Glitter makes everything better!! Ha ha!! Thank you for saying, “Hello”! 🙂


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