Did My $8 Chandelier Work?! *VIDEO TUTORIAL*

You’ve been so patient, friends! I know you are just dying to know if my $8 thrift store chandelier worked?? Right?! C’mon. Humor me! I know I was so anxious to get her up and flip the switch!

In case you missed PART ONE, we took our old light fixture down and started the install. Things were going pretty smooth…

Awesome Video Tutorial for Installing a Light Fixture!!

This half of the install proved a little more entertaining… we have flying nuts and mechanical tape! Ever heard of mechanical tape?! I just make it up as I go along!

How to Hang a Chadelier Tutorial

And even a little hip-hop jazz at the end of the video… a little celebratory dance if you will…

Chandelier Installation Tutorial

It had me so choked up… I may have let out a  HUGE mama-jamma snort! Oh yeah… a little Miss Piggy style snort!!

How to Install a Chandelier

But we left it all in for your laughs and entertainment…

Install a Chandelier Tutorial

We sure hope you enjoy it… and perhaps learn how to install a light fixture too!!!

Yup… you love me even more now that you know I can snort like a warthog, right?!? Wait. Do warthogs snort? Well, you get my point!! I can snort with the best of ’em!! Uh huh. I love you, too! <wink>

DIY Light Fixture Installation

This chandelier seriously brightens my day every time I walk in my craft room! I just love it… look at her sparkle!

How to Install a Light Fixture

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  1. Well besides the fact that I am jealous…since I paid $90 retail for the exact chandelier… cool tutorial!


  2. I enjoyed the chandelier video, I think the jaws music where the shark is near the person would have been perfect.
    keep up the good work.

  3. You should be very proud of your Chandelier, it is just beautiful and I would love to have it (installed) at my house. To be honest I didn’t listen to the music but loved looking at all the pictures! I wonder how old this chandelier is? Is it modern or an antique, either way it is gorgeous and you certainly got a bargain.

  4. Oh my gosh, seeing you dance at the end of the video made me smile from ear to ear. Spontaneous dance parties are one of my favorite thing in the world – – combine it with one of my favorite PEOPLE in the world and it’s a dream come true! Now, I’m doing the “I did it” dance! Way to go, girl. You should feel very proud of this D.I.Y. sweet Candace!