How to Make a Mason Jar Snowglobe {Video Tutorial}

Remember those little plastic vintage snowglobes? The ones with glitter and water? Did you know they were magical?? Yup… completely magical! Let me explain… I found one a few months back in a plastic storage bin full of, well…… junk! And the water had DISAPPEARED! Completely gone! Nothing was wet. It’s like the water just disappeared. Okay, maybe it evaporated, but I prefer magic to science! Ha ha!!

That’s when I decided to make some waterless snowglobes as part of our 12 Days of DIY Christmas Trees!

12 Days of DIY Christmas Trees

You know the drill, friends…

♫ On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love made for me… Snowglobes a Flippin’ ♫

Pinecones ‘a Pickin’

♫ Cork DIY’in ♫

♫ Woooooood Pallet Treeeeees ♫ (you know… like 5 golden rings!)

♫ Glitter that Shines ♫

♫ Criss-Cross Twine ♫

♫ Burlap I Love ♫

♫ And an Upcycled Tree that’s Sparkly ♫

DIY Mason Jar Snowglobe Video Tutorial #MasonJar #DIY

This little doo-dad is super easy to make… and cheap! I got all of my supplies at Wal-mart and already had the mason jars on hand. (That’s glittery snow on the left! You know, the stuff I sprinkled all over my house for my Holiday Home Tour!)

Supplies for Upside Down Mason Jar Snowglobes

Pop some adhesive squares on the bottom of your little trees.

How to Make a Mason Jar Snowglobe

And stick them on your lid.

How to Make a Christmas Tree Snowglobe

Then sprinkle in some snow.. and pop that little tree in the jar!!

Mason Jar Christmas Tree Snowglobe

It was so quick and easy to make… I had some time to break out the lights and cameras and whip up a little video!!

DIY Christmas Tree Video Tutorial

I’ve got some useful Mason Jar tips sprinkled into this little video… enjoy!!

I hope you are inspired to whip up some of these upside down mason jar snowglobes!!
Upside Down Christmas Tree in a Mason Jar

 And when you are done… you can munch down on their sugar cookie counterpart!!

My Upside Down Mason Jar Snowglobe (The Cookie Edition)!!

How to Make Mason Jar Christmas Cookies

 Until next time,

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  1. Loved that you showed your video set up! Nice camera and light! Did you set up two lights, at about 45 degrees to you? I have a time not getting shadow behind me. I do see you are not so tight against the wall, so that helps keep your shadow at bay. You did a fab job demonstrating! Of course I knew you would, you award winning gal, you! I want to start doing short instructional video, too, and hold me to it this coming year! Oh! Did you wear a Lavalier mic? I just got one to increase the quality of my video auditions. Or, did your cool hubs set up a boom? OR, did you use the mic from the camera? I want to know all of your video tips and tricks! GREAT Mason Jar trees, too!

    • I finally saw where one can uncheck “most recently posted.” I unchecked it for this comment! Triple sorry! You look fabulous, BTW! I forgot to say that before.

      • You are so funny, Kim! I loved your Demo!! Watched it again! Ha ha!! And left it right where it is so the rest of the world can see it too! Or at least the little corner of the world that visits my little blog! Ha ha!! (And thank you for the sweet compliment. It’s the one day a week, I actually get dressed and put on makeup!)

    • Hey Kim, We had the lights set up so that theey made a rough 90 degree angle with Candace at the point. She wears a lavalier mic. You can see it in the video just at the V of her top. Sometimes her hair will cover it. Boom mics work great but either take a lot of setup or someone to hold it. My hands are full with just the cameras!

      • Thanks for the response, Hubs! Nice to know. I did see the lav mic on her after I wrote the question. Thank you and keep up the great work, both of you!

    • Oh, Kim!! You don’t need my advice… you are a Hollywood gal!! Ha ha!! But I am here to help in any way I can… shoot me an email and we can chat about your setup and plan for videos! The hubs and I will be diving deep into DIY tutorial videos in the coming year as well! After all it’s what we do.. right?!? Yay… for us on-camera gals!!

  2. Oh my gosh you are so good on camera 😉 I just had to pop over and watch you video cause I missed my friend. Great project, and thanks for the chart on pinterest that’s good to have in this business 😉 Merry Christmas!

    • Awwww…. MiMi, I miss you too friend!! And thank you for the sweet compliment. I love doing these videos!! I’m excited to do even more in 2014! I about fell over when I found that Mason Jar chart… genius right?!? Oh… have you heard about the #13 Ball jars? There are numbers on the bottom of many Ball mason jars. If you find one with a 13, it is worth a lot because back in the day, the moon-shiners would bust the #13 jars because they thought they were bad luck. So there are fewer of them out there!! Pretty neat, huh? Now I flip over every mason jar I find! 😉

  3. Loved your old mason jar. I have one like that. When we lived in MT I found so many of really old blue jars. I even found am amber one at an antique store but the price was way over my head, too bad. Found several when we lived in KY also. Not so much here in Grand Junction. I miss my old antique hunting grounds.
    Love your snow globes. I’m out of trees but if I could get into my old decorating village box I have several to make some.
    Also enjoy your posts. You’re such a happy pleasant person. Happy holiday

    • Thank you, JaneEllen! I LOVE my mason jars!! I would love to cover an entire wall with them! I have one favorite junk spot where I can usually snag them for $3-$4 bucks a piece… I think that’s pretty good for the old ones! And many of them have the zinc lids! Double WIN! We gotta find you some good antique hunting grounds!! Every girl needs that!


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