How to Make a Tree Skirt out of a Galvanized Tub {Crate & Barrel Inspired}

Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like the stars align in your favor?! I know, they don’t happen often for me either. But today was quite the magical day in my world!

I was on the hunt for some fresh greenery to decorate for Christmas. I decided I would just buy the smallest tree I could find and then chop it up! Smart, right? When we have bought real trees in the past, I always ask to keep the bit they cut off the bottom and I use it for wreaths and the mantel. But this year, we aren’t buying a real tree. We are getting an AWESOME tree from Balsam Hill!

How to Make a Christmas Tree Skirt from a Galvanized Tub {Video Tutorial}

So, on the day the stars align, I am driving down the interstate, yes I-85, and what do I spot on the side of the highway?? A CHRISTMAS TREE!! A real one! And it was HUGE! I had a mini freak out moment… do I stop? Yes. No. Yes. No. Will it fit in my car?? No. Yes. No. Yes. When there is a will there’s a way! But let’s be honest, this tree was about 8 feet tall and I drive a Corolla! Yeah, not happening!

Roadside Christmas Tree

I called the hubs to see if he could come get it. He was busy at work. What’s a girl to do?? I panicked. I. MUST. HAVE. THIS. TREE.

Then… I made one call and as if it were Santa’s sleigh… we were on the road in Mom’s SUV! I was stoked! We drove about 5 minutes and Mom yelled… “There’s another one!”

Finding Christmas Tree on Side of Interstate

What?! Before I could even say anything, my Step-Dad slammed on the brakes and had that bad boy in reverse! I was gettin’ TWO Christmas Trees!!

Free Roadside Christmas Tree

With the little tree loaded… I still had my heart set on that BIG one!! We drove about 10 minutes more and there she was!! We pulled over… threw her on top! And we were back on the road!! To that I say, “High five for roadside finds, however they may come!!” Woot Woot! Thanks, Mom!High Five for Free Christmas Trees

So with my new trees in tow, I knew I would chop the smaller one… and use the BIG one for as a second tree!! We’ve never had two trees before!! Then I spotted this lovely find at Crate & Barrel!! I’m a sucker for the vintage sheen of an old galvanized bucket! I had to have it! But it was $60!



That’s when I decided to make my own!!

Magazine Worthy DIY Christmas Tree Skirt

I had an old galvanized tub on hand… I bought it for under $18! The hubs and I grabbed our drills and went to town!

Galvanized Tree Collar {Crate and Barrel Knock-Off}

We drilled all the way around the tub…

DIY Galvanzied Tub Christmas Tree Collar Tutorial

And then used wire snippers to cut between the holes.

How to Make a Tree Skirt out of a Galvanized Tub {Tutorial}

Once the bottom was off.. the edges were sharp, like the edge of a can of tuna! So we attached a big ‘ol rope to cover it up!

Video Tutorial: How to Make a Tree Skirt out of Galvnized Tub

For all the details of the build, we made a fun video!! It took a bit of trial and error to figure out how to tackle this one!! You don’t want to miss the end of the video!!

No teeth were harmed in the making of that video!! Ha ha!! And here are the beauty shots of our new tree skirt in action!

Christmas Tree with Galvanized Tree Collar {Video Tutorial}

Christmas Tree Lights

Christmas Tree in an Old Bucket

I’m loving this ‘lil tree skirt! And it’s even better that it houses my FREE roadside Christmas tree!! I mean, don’t all families go pick out their Christmas tree together?? Some go to the Christmas tree farm. Some go into the woods. Me and my family, we go roadside rescuing!!

It’s a Christmas tree hunt I will NEVER forget!!

Until next time,

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  1. I’ve been planning to do the exact same thing to hack that tree collar! I’ve been talking about it on my blog for weeks, but I’m still searching for a tub. Thanks for the rope idea to cover up the sharp edges…brilliant!

    • Great minds think alike, Emily!! I knew when I saw that piece of genius that I could totally make one!! I just LOVE it!! I can’t wait to see yours!! I didn’t think about the sharp edges until the bottom fell out of the tub… I was like… hmmmm… so we turned off all the lights and cameras and made a b-line for the hardware store! The rope worked perfectly!! πŸ™‚

  2. Just like before, I Love your video! You have a catchy enthusiasm! I have a tub, but was planning on just setting the tree stand and tree right inside without doing anything to the tub…thinking that might not work now that I see yours πŸ™‚ Hmmm! Time to rethink that plan! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    • Yay! Thanks, Bev!! I thought just like you!! But then when I tried to fit the tree stand in the bucket it just didn’t work. It broke my heart to cut the bottom out of my tub, but I found several on craigslist, so when I want more, I think I will be able to find some!! I sure hope so!! For now… I LOVE our new tree skirt!! You’ll have to share a pic of yours on Facebook after you do it!! I’d love to see it!!

  3. What a fabulous find- times two!! That tree “skirt” looks absolutely amazing – love this idea!! I wish I didn’t have plants in my big ol’ galvanized planter or I would do the same!

    • Double WIN!!! I was so happy about those free trees! I have to admit, once we got the larger one home… we saw that it had a couple holes, likely from where it hit the road. But if this aint DIY fab… I took some limbs from the smaller tree and tied those bad boys into the holes using twine! Yup… I totally did!! You can’t even tell!! Now a month from now when all of our tree is green except for those two spots, that might be a different story… but for now it’s just PERFECT!!! That’s how I roll! Ha ha!! πŸ™‚

  4. looks fabulous!! I love using something other than the traditional tree skirt

  5. Pure genius with this project, Candace! Though Crate & Barrel may be shaking their fists in the air at you, you’ve definitely shown the world you don’t have to spend big bucks to get a big bucks look.

    And you know what my favorite part was? The “outtakes” at the end of the video. Too funny! You and the hubs are churning out some masterpieces here. I know how long it can take to film and edit videos…so job well done you two!

    • Thank you, Lauren!! I hope Crate & Barrel isn’t shaking their fists too hard. I mean, isn’t imitation the highest form of flattery?? Just sayin’. Ha ha! I’m glad you stuck around for the outtakes!! Only the true ‘fans’ make it to the end of my silly videos! For those dear friends, I like to provide an added bit o’ entertainment! Ha ha! (However it may come!) Now for a trip to the dentist! πŸ˜‰

  6. Hahaha, this is a wonderful post, Candace! My question is, even if the tree did fly off of someones car, WHY would they just leave it there?! Those suckers are expensive! πŸ™‚ So glad you were able to find the trees and give them a good home for the holidays! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see your Balsam Hill tree reveal!

    • My thoughts exactly, Alyssa!! I bet it probably rolled off of a large tree truck that was perhaps headed to a tree lot or farmer’s market for a delivery! I hate it for them… but the trees were far from perfect condition after a nice tumble down! I’m sure they didn’t think twice about turning around to save it! That’s the story of my life… rescuing roadside cast-offs and making them pretty again!! Ha ha!! I β™₯ it!!

  7. What is the diameter of your galvanized tub?? I am thinking of ordering one online, however, I want to make sure I get one that is large enough to hold the standard tree stand!

    Thanks!! Yours turned out great!

    • Eeek… I’m not sure, Sarah! And I can’t get the measuring tape under it at this point. But I will say this… we have two tree stands and one didn’t fit! So I would definitely suggest measuring your tree stand first and then getting a tub to fit around it. Just remember the top of the tub will be slightly wider than the bottom.

      The stand that we used that fit is a round plastic one… not the old school red and green metal one. The metal one is the one that wouldn’t fit. I hope that helps, at least a little. I’m so happy that you will be making one for your family!! It’s so fun!!

      • thanks so much!! I will get home and measure our tree stand. I think we have two so hopefully I can find one that will fit and then I will be on a hunt for a bucket! I was about to order my Crate and Barrel one and then I decide to try and see if someone has figured a way to do a knock off version and that’s how I stumbled on your post and am super excited!!

        Thanks again and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

        • Yay! I thought the same thing when I saw it on their website. I HAD TO HAVE IT!! Somewhere you may want to check for a bucket is craigslist. I was heartbroken to cut the bottom of my tub, so I checked around to see if I’d be able to find another one easily and saw several on craigslist! Just an idea!

          Ya know, I had someone else tell me that they use a bunch of rocks and just put their tree in the bucket without cutting it! They said the rocks hold the tree up! I don’t trust myself enough to do it that way, but it’s an idea if your tree stand doesn’t fit. I’m so excited you found me!! I do hope you’ll come back soon!! Merry Christmas to you and your family as well!!

  8. I taught fire safety in the fire service for 22 years and always having water in the stand to keep a cut tree healthy is as important for safety reasons as it is to keep the tree looking beautiful. Considering that it can be hard to get water into a stand with a more traditional skirt; this one could be a real challenge. To overcome that, insert one end of about a 4-foot length of PVC pipe through the branches and into the stand. Hold the other end up while you use a pitcher to pour water through it – a funnel might help prevent spills. That’s all it takes. Thanks for the great video; have a wonderful – and safe – Christmas!

    • Ah yes, Carol!! That is exactly what we did… only with a skinny metal tube! It works just the same. Having been a news reporter, I have covered my fair share of house fires due to dry Christmas trees. It is so sad. And every time around this year, I recall doing fire safety stories about keeping your tree watered. But no matter how many times you say it, there are still horrible fires. Thank you for bringing this up! Hopefully others will take note as well!! Merry Christmas to your and yours!!

  9. I love this, your tree turned out great! Thanks for sharing. Can you tell me where you got your rug that you put under the tree? I am looking for a similar one and yours looks fabulous. Thanks!

    • Hi Christina!! Funny, that it looks like a rug! It is actually our traditional tree skirt from last year! Ha ha!! It’s just a cream colored tree skirt that I laid undert he bucket to protect the floor! You should be able to find one at Target this time of year!! Hope that helps!! Have a very Merry Christmas!!

  10. Ok I love this story! I have been know to slam on my breaks for roadside deals,myself! It’s such a thrill! Is it bad that I just set my tree on top of my bucket? I’m too afraid to cut it, lol. We bought our tree too small this year, so I was looking for something to give it some lift, and that’s where by tub came in! ,Off to watch your video!

    • Hey, Sarah!!! Yay for curbside junkies!! I think it is totally AWESOME that you can sit your tree on top of your bucket!! I tried to do the same but the tree was just too big and having a tree topple over a couple years ago… that was the last thing I wanted!! Ha ha!! Thanks for watching the videos… I hope you find them entertaining and useful!! I look forward to seeing you again soon!

  11. Very cool idea!

  12. What a wonderful idea! I’ve pinned this. πŸ™‚ Great job!

  13. I absolutely love this! I have been searching all over town and can only find oval ones πŸ™ I will eventually make this though!!

    • Oh good, Megan! I’m so glad you like it!! Try checking Craigslist for some round tubs… I’ve seen them on there! I guess it depends on your area though! I’d love to see it if you make one!! A couple other gals made some following this tutorial and they turned out AWESOME!! Hope to see you again soon! πŸ™‚

      • I actually made it! It looked so good. I wish I could share a picture. I bought a galvanized steel tub at homedepot in the gardening section. I didn’t like how it was so shiny and not vintage. I lightly misted it with spray paint. It was rustolem (?) hammered in silver. It looks amazing! And then I just cut the whole πŸ™‚ so happy with it

        • Oh!! Awesome, Megan!! I am so glad you found a tub you liked and were able to make it! I have been wanting to try that hammered silver spray paint… good to know you like it!! I may have to snag some myself for some upcoming projects!! Thanks for sharing… keep in touch, friend! πŸ™‚

  14. Great finds indeed.
    Love the tree!!
    Visiting from Knick of Time today.


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