How to Make a Wine Cork Christmas Tree {12 Days of DIY Trees}

♫ On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love made for me… Cork DIY’in (think six geese ‘a layin’) ♫

Woooooood Pallet Treeeeees

♫ Glitter that Shines ♫

♫ Criss-Cross Twine ♫

♫ Burlap I Love ♫

♫ And an Upcycled Tree that’s Sparkly ♫

12 Days of DIY Christmas Trees #12DaysofTrees

I mean, six geese a layin’…. cork DIY’in… they sounds the same, right?? I have a feeling the second half of the song is gonna be tougher than the first half! I’m gonna have to get creative. Good thing I’ve got creativity running through my bones!! Now for our 6th DIY Christmas Tree! Can you believe we are half way through the fun??

Make Your Own DIY Christmas Tree from Wine Corks #12Daysof Trees

This project was so easy.. it really doesn’t warrant a tutorial. I gather that you can look at the pictures and figure it out, but I do have a few tips! I started with some hot glue and one wine cork.

Wine Cork Christmas Tree: DIY Tutorial

Attach two corks to start forming your tree. If you have corks from red wine, make sure that you put the red ends of the corks on the same side. That way the front of your tree will all be the same color.

Wine Cork Christmas Tree: STep-by Step Tutorial

One wine cork on the top… and we are well on our way!

Build a DIY Christmas Tree out of Wine Corks

And you just build from there…

Wine Cork DIY Christmas Tree Tutorial

You’ll notice this is the back of my tree and you can see all of the red stains. Also, the back is all different heights. Chances are, your wine corks will be all different sizes. If you level them out on the front, they will be even. I just pressed them against the table to make it flat on the front.

DIY Christmas Tree from Wine Corks

Three corks stacked a couple rows high makes my tree trunk.

How to Make a Christmas Tree from Wine Corks

And that’s it!!

Wine Cork Christmas Tree Tutorial

She looks nice by our Gold Beaded DIY Tree

How to Make a Wine Cork Christmas Tree

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Now for the BIG MAMMA JAMMA Christmas Tree Reveal… come back tomorrow!!

Here’s a sneak peak… I just LOVE it!!!

Our Vintage Inspired Christmas Tree

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  1. You are on a roll with these DIY trees, and the song! I can’t wait to see how the second half goes 😉
    I love this diy; I’ll keep saving up my corks!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration! I’m going to try using the red-stained corks as ornaments dispersed within the cork tree…maybe even letting them pop up a bit for some dimension…you’ve really got me thinking now! Love your ideas!

    • Ooooooh… Barbara! That’s a great idea! You know what I was thinking… I’m thinking waaay ahead here. But how about for Valentine’s day, making a cork square but them flip the red one in the center to make a heart! Cute, right?? We should both make one! So glad you stopped in… come back soon, friend!!

      • That is a cute idea Candace! I’m gonna make a note of that…in the meantime, check out my cork tree inspired by your post at my blog post from today. Hope you like it and thanks for sharing all the great ideas…

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