Yard Sale Dresser Gets a Vintage Chic Makeover

Hey, friends!! If you’re coming over from The Graphics Fairy, Welcome!! Let’s get to know each other! If you are an old pal… I’ve got a treat for you!! I am teaming up with Karen (A.K.A The Graphics Fairy) to show you how to transfer any of her awesome vintage graphics onto a piece of furniture!!

Remember, Karen was one of the first bloggers I ever met, in May of 2013, two months BEFORE the launch of Vintage News Junkie!!

The Graphics Fairy and Me!

Karen has always been a cheerleader of mine… right there in the front row, pom-poms and all!! So when she asked if I would like to work together on this project… are you kidding me?? Hand over the paint brush!!

Dresser Makeover Before and After Tutorial

I picked up this baby blue dresser at a yard sale for a mere ten bucks!! She was rough! Crayon scribbles. Shotty hardware. Even a half eaten drawer!! Don’t ask about that one… I have no clue! But the hubs fixed her up!


I painted, sanded, and painted some more.

How to Paint an Old Dresser

And then applied an awesome vintage french graphic! But nothing quite tells the story like seeing it in a video!! So, for you, dear friends…. here’s a quick video to show the complete transformation of this ‘lil dresser!

Like I mentioned in the video, there is a seperate video that will take you through step-by-step how to transfer the image. That’s where the team-up comes in!! That part of the makeover is being featured over at The Graphics Fairy!

How to Transfer an Image onto Furniture Video Tutorial

I couldn’t be happier with how this little lady turned out! And as much as I like her, she will be in the shop soon! So, if you are local, she can be yours!!

How to Paint a Vintage French Dresser

And, if you’re not local, well… keep your eyes open at yard sales, thrift shops, even craigslist for an old beat up dresser! Show her some love with some paint and a vintage graphic!! Now, you know how to do it!!

How to Makeover an Old Dresser

And if you get stuck, give me a shout!! Here’s one last graphic for your pinning pleasure! Doesn’t she look like she belongs in a magazine! Ha ha! I sure hope you’ll pin it and come back soon!!

Vintage Chic Before and After Dresser Makeover

Until next time friends,

Vintage News Junkie

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  1. Oh My!!! I am fixing to paint bedroom furniture and this will be perfect!! Can’t wait to try it 🙂

  2. So pretty! I am definitely going to have to visit The Graphics Fairy! Love your projects btw!

  3. It looks amazing !!!
    What color did you use for the drawers? I am looking to paint my hallways and that’s the exactly color I want….. any help appreciated

    • Hi Lisa!! I so wish I could be more help for you… but I hand-mix all of the paint that I use so it’s a little bit of this… a little bit of that. And most of it is made from the ‘oops’ paint from the hardware store, so there’s really no way to know exactly what color it is. I like it because it is completely unique…. but unfortunately, it makes questions like these a little tough! I’m sorry. Good luck with your painting though! 🙂

  4. Have been looking for this technique! Thanks so much for sharing. I just ordered an expensive stencil to use on my furniture, but I won’t be able to alter the size. So this method is perfect. Love it!

  5. Hi Candace, coming over from The Graphics Fairy feature. $10.00!!! Wow, what a score that was! The dresser is stunning and I love the white and (assuming Country Grey) combo – so pretty. I have painstakingly hand painted my graphics using a art brush. I’ve tried a paint pen and the paint doesn’t flow nice and evenly and tends to blotch. What paint pen brand are you using and do you remember where you purchased it?

    • Oh gosh, Marie…. I have to say, I definitely have the same issues that you do and I’m afraid there is no easy answer. The only thing I do to help the process is turning the piece on its side or pulling the drawers out. Obviously, having the paint pen pointing downward helps the flow a little bit. But it can be tedious. Sometimes I do two coats if I get the splotchy spots. But I have tried all brands and have gotten them at Michaels and also at Office Depot. I hope that helps some… we are in this together girl!! Let me know if you find any tricks that work! 🙂

  6. Hey, Candace. I knew you were in NC but didn’t remember that you were born in Greensboro. I have a few of those News & Record articles myself! I was in theater for years so that accounted for some of them. Is your family still here?

    Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh, my…so pretty! I want to do something like this so badly but I don’t have a basement, or a garage. Guess I just need a good drop cloth! I understand the chalk on the back, etc. But, when you put the whole graphic up on the piece, how do you keep from smudging it around during the process of tracing? Your hand and even your arm may be, or will be, rubbing against it. I’m wondering if you could tape it in sections….as you go…

    • Hey, Sharon!!! So glad you stopped by today!! Funny that you say you need a garage… we have one and it is so stuffed with junk and furniture that there is no room for us to work!! So we do most of our work in our formal living room with a drop cloth! Who needs a formal living room anyway, right??? Ha ha!!

      As for the chalk smudge… there is really no way around it. If you look closely at the video of me transferring the graphic, you will see that the chalk is smudged to pieces behind the paper. You just have to press hard enough when you are tracing that those lines are darker and then you can paint those in and wipe down the a wet cloth to remove all the chalk smudge. I hope that helps!! If you use a pencil to shade the back, you don’t have the smudge issue as bad… but it also doesn’t wash off with a wet cloth!! Pick your poison! Ha ha!!

      • Thanks for taking the time to reply, Candace, and I appreciate your input. Love seeing you pop up in my email inbox every day. Look forward to more of your Graphics Fairy enhanced creations!

  8. Candace, I just clicked right on over from Karen. Love your work and passion. I have 2 questions. Did I read it wrong or was there suppose to be a surprise in the drawers? (somedays I make it up as I go lol) Did I miss the surprise? Wow, that was all 1 question….. (maybe I should not get #2 since #1 was like 3 questions ) But here goes #2 Everybody is talking about these paint pens. What are they, where are they, do they write like a regular pen? (sorry did it again) I am just so excited to find your blog, must have brain overload. Please overlook my temporary rattle. Thank you for sharing, I will get alot of use from blockposter (another new one for me). I Look forward to following you.

    • Hi Terri!! So glad you found me!! Okay…. it looks like your brain works like mine!! I am always full of questions!! Ha ha!! So here goes… question #1: Yes, there was a surprise. I talk about it at the end of the video. I Mod Podged sheet music inside the drawers!! And #2: You can get the paint pens at Michaels or even Office Depot. They are actually pens that have paint in them. So they don’t right like normal pens, they are actually paint! You could ask someone to show you where they are and the instructions are on the package. I know Sharpie makes them… and there are other brands too! I hope that helps!! And I look forward to seeing you around!! 🙂

  9. Hi Candace!
    I’m hopping over from Graphics Fairy, my most favorite blog in the world”-) When I viewed your video, I couldn’t believe that I actually understood your instructions. Now, I can finish all the little wooden pieces of furniture and boxes I have accumulated and stop procrastinating. I am so excited! You, girlfriend, will be bookmarked! Thanks, again! Cynthia

  10. WOW! Okay, I was a huge fan before, but now… you are so amazing on video! How the heck do you seem so relaxed? You should be on TV with your very own show! Beautiful transformation… I’m going to go read now and find the name of that colour! Again, excellent job!!!!

    • Ha ha!!! You are so funny, Laurie!! Thank you for the sweet compliment! And oh, how I would love to have my own show! That’d be a dream, right?!? I actually used to be on TV, I was a News Reporter and Anchor, so perhaps that’s where the relaxed demeanor comes from! 🙂 I have never been shy in front of the camera. I would much rather be in front of a camera than a crowd of people! Ha ha!! Funny how that works, huh!?! 🙂

  11. Katherine says:

    Hi, I just watched your easy transfer method. Do you clear coat the furniture when you get finished? I would not like all my work to rub off!

    • Hey Katherine! I am a rather lazy painter and don’t put a final coat on a lot of my pieces. I don’t mind the worn look so it works for me! But I’m sure it you wanted to put a clear coat on, it would be fine. Just make sure your paint pens cure so that it doesn’t smear when you put your top coat on! Hope that helps!! 🙂