Funky Junkie Upcycled Birdhouses & My Red Bench Dilemma

Nothing says spring like all the little birdies pecking at our backyard! I have no idea what they are finding out there. I threw out some bird seed even some bread crumbs, and they don’t like that. Maybe they are finding little bugs or something. Blek! So when we were on our junk adventure a couple weeks ago, buying for Rusted Roots, I was super excited to meet a lovely man who makes handmade birdhouses out of old junk!! Say what??

Awesome Upcycled Birdhouse Made from Old Junk!!

This one was one of my favorites… I just can’t get over the rusty goodness of that old silverware! Did you see that knife?? And the goodness continues on all side of this little birdie home!!

Rusty Junk on an Upcycled Birdhouse!!

Then there was the chippy goodness of this little birdie mansion!

Handmade Birdhouse from Old Chippy Barn Wood!!

I mean, I wouldn’t mind a house like that! Look at those columns!

Super Cute Birdhouse made from Old Reclaimed Wood!

And even the little birdies should go to church on Sunday! Can you imagine ‘that’ choir?? Ha ha!

Cute Birdhouse made from Reclaimed Wood!!

The carving of that cross is pure talent.

Cute 'lil Church Birdhouse made from Old Wood!!

And the beauty of these birdhouses… they are all made from reclaimed barn wood and old junk that would otherwise be tossed out! And we all know..

Couldn't say it better myself!!

Yes, he made that sign too!! And yes, I bought it!! As well as all of the birdhouses I showed off and even a few others!! They will ALL be in the shop in time for our Spring Open House this weekend at Rusted Roots!! Yes, I am parting with them. Ahhhh. <wipe tears> But the one thing I am really struggling with is the red deacon bench I scored at auction this past weekend! Many of you have already weighed in on what I should do.. and I think the decision is pretty unanimous. But, gosh, it sure would brighten the shop for Spring Open House.

Fun Red Bench!!

Decisions. Decisions.

Until next time,
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  1. I sure I hope get there in time to buy one Saturday!!!

  2. JaneEllen says:

    Doggone it why do we have to live in wrong part of country? I’d so love to be at your sale. We have a few old pooped out bird houses hubs made in KY. Every time we’d go to a show the old boys would complain about size of holes for birds to go in house. Hubs got tired of it and quit making bird houses. Maybe I can get him to give it another try. Sell ones we still have first. Oh how i Love those birdhouses and that bench you showed. The red is perfect for it. Going to sell it or? My problem is almost everything hubs makes I want to keep for our yard or house. lol Good luck on your sale. Happpppppppy days

    • I’m running into the same problem, JaneEllen! Here lately everything I have been finding I want to keep!! I did decide to keep the red bench!! At least for now!! Ha ha!! Until I find a bench I like better… or perhaps make one!! Happy days to you as well, friend!!

  3. The bird house’s and bench is very nice. if I had them I would not sell them.

  4. Oh my goodness! Those birdhouses!! Love them!! I could totally incorporate that awesome chippy birdie mansion into my yard! So cute!