Simple Storage Solutions for your Christmas Ornaments {& a Silhouette Sale!!)

After seeing our Rustic Christmas Tree this year, you may be shocked to know that among all of the burlap, chippy wood, and rusty mason jar lids… I have bright pink and purple Christmas ornaments! Yup… break out your sunglasses!! But the truth is.. I have a collection of Christmas ornaments like none other. I have, what I like to call, obsessive-compulsive-christmas-clearance-shopper disorder! And I also love to swap out themes for my Christmas tree!!

So why am I talking about Christmas on January 13th? Well, it’s time to get those ornaments organized and packed away for next year!! See… I  told you I had bright eye-popping ornaments…

Simple Storage Solutions for your Christmas Ornaments #Storage #Organization

This is where my Silhouette comes in handy!! Now, I know everyone doesn’t have a Silhouette. And that’s okay!! You can make labels any ‘ol way! The key is get organized NOW before you pack all those Christmas ornaments away… you will be soooo glad come next year! (P.S. And I know I’m not the only one who still has Christmas stuff lying around… c’mon, you do too, right? At least tell me you do, so I don’t feel like such a slacker!!)

So, let’s get started… this may take all day! I noticed this year when we were unpacking Christmas ornaments, I had two MAJOR pet peeves!

1. I couldn’t remember who some of my ornaments were from.
2. I hated unwrapping each and every white tissue paper covered ornament to see one that I knew I wasn’t going to use on the tree. I wish I knew what they were without having to unwrap each one.

Let’s tackle #1 first…

About half of our ornaments were given to us and have some sort of sentimental meaning. For those, we spread them all out in the living room floor. I made a paper tag for each ornament that said as much as we could remember about the ornament. Who bought it for us? What year? For what reason? And the ornaments that the hubs and I bought… we marked those too! Like the ornament we bought on our honeymoon in Paris… or when we went to Jamaica for our anniversary!! I labeled… and Bill popped them in a small ornament box. Boom! #1 solved!!

How to Use Silhouette Transfer Paper #Silhouette

All of those small ornaments went in a larger tote that I labeled boxed ornaments. That way we know exactly what is in this box!! I made these simple labels the same way I made the labels for my Christmas Supplies Mini-tote. Stick ’em on… peel ’em off. It couldn’t be easier! I’ve always been a labeler… but I was stoked to trade in my old paper labels for something a little more snazzy!

Organize Christmas Ornaments with Labels

And with that box #1 was complete!!

Organize with Labels

But what about alllll those bright pink and purple ornaments… the one’s that I’m really not going to use until I decide that I want to have a jewel toned tree again…

Pink and Purple Christmas Ornaments

Or all of my rustic ornaments that I used this year…

Rustic Christmas Ornaments

Or lest we snag a sneak peak of the barn red ornaments I picked up this year (half-off) for next year’s tree…

Barn Red Christmas Ornaments

I wanted them to all be grouped together by color so I could easily grab the colors that I wanted for whatever theme I was going with on a given year. So I snagged some small clear shoe boxes and made labels for those as well!!

Christmas Ornament Storage

For the sake of these photos, I did not wrap the ornaments because I wanted you to see how they all looked. But now that I have snapped this shot, I am off to wrap the ornaments in white tissue paper, then put them away. Now that they are divided by color, I don’t have to open ev-er-y-single ornament to see what it is. I can just snag the box I want and know exactly what I’m getting!! All of those mini boxes went right in a larger box labeled.. you guessed it.. colored ornaments!

Christmas Organization

I also have a large tote for my Disney ornaments… I collected those when I sold the Mickey ears at Disney World! And my collection of Hallmark ornaments. I collected those when I was in college… I would get up uber early the day after Christmas and fight the crazies at Hallmark to rack up. I gave that up a few years ago! I’m an obsessive-compulsive-christmas-clearance-shopper in recovery!!

Once you get your ornaments in order, grab all those Christmas tags, tape, ribbon… and get those organized too!!

Organize Your Holiday Supplies in 5 Minutes Flat!!

Organize Your Supplies in 5 Minutes Flat

And don’t forget Silhouette is having a 30% Off Sale on most of their supplies… so be sure to stock up now on all of the vinyl you will need to label  to your hearts content!!



But for all of you motivated-on-the-ball-kinda folk… and your Christmas decorations have been put away for weeks… perhaps you are looking for some other organizational inspiration!! Check it out… 36 ways to get organized using your Silhouette!!

36 Ways to get Organized with yoru Silhouette!! #Silhouette #Organization

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Until next time,

Vintage News Junkie

Full Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however, I will recieve commission on any Silhouette sales using my coupon code. But you know the deal, all opinions are my own and I ♥ my Silhouette! Click here for the full Disclosure and Policies.

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  1. Bright purple? Why am I not surprised! I really love that you took the time to sit down and write out information on who gave you what ornament when, what a great idea! I’ll be honest with you, I don’t have Christmas stuff sitting out. But! (and here’s the secret), I never took it out this year! So that’s my secret. One day, that will change, and when it does, I can only hope to be as organized as you are!

    • Awww… Kristy! Booo on not taking our your Christmas decor this year… we gotta get you in gear!! 🙂 But hey… easiest clean up ever!! I can’t imagine not decking the halls for the holidays!! It’s my fave!

  2. Wow! I wish I had thought of this before I put all my Christmas ornaments away! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Wow, your stuff looks great all organized and labeled. I love the idea of putting in the work now and then knowing ehere and what everything is come December. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is a wonderful idea! Every year I have to search through box after box.

  5. This is a great organisation system for your ornaments. when I put mine away this year I shoved them in the cupboard as best I could. I need to adopt your system in the future!

    • You sound like me, Pam! Shove it in where-ever it will fit! Ha ha!! Did I mention I ♥ your neatly organized herb garden! I have always wanted an herb garden… but my purple thumb stands in the way!! Nice work… it’s pretty and tasty I’m sure!!

  6. Those are great way to storage and organized christmas stuff!… Those labels are the perfect touch! Thanks for sharing!


  7. Good thing I’ve been sick and haven’t gotten anything put away yet! I’m so using this as inspiration!

  8. Wow, now that’s what I call organizing super duper. Great job and great system.
    Took almost all Christmas down on New Years Day. Left my snow people out and little jars with snow and trees with some pine cones. It all sat in our mudroom for few days til I got sick of looking at boxes and so I could clean mud room. I loaded them up in our big metal wagon and took them down to shed. Slipped and slid in snow onto my butt couple times but got them all put in shed. Except for the long bread basket with my pine cones/snow people and little trees sitting on my shutter shelf. They ‘ll be up til little bit before Valentines day.
    I’m being kinda ruthless now as I’m purging like crazy, organizing like crazy. It’s all you bloggers fault talking about organizing. My craft room is getting a big overhaul little by little. I can actually walk in here now, bonanza. But then there’s the front hallway full of “stuff” to be gone thru. Ah well, have to make messes to clean up messes. Happy days

  9. I like you have way more ornaments than one person should have and I can never find what I am looking for! Next Christmas when I dig all of my stuff out again I am going to do this!

    • Yay for organizing, Krista!! I am so glad you found inspiration in this post! I know I am sure glad it’s done and will be welcomed by a pleasant surprise when I unpack the ornaments next year. I’m sure I will forget that I even did this! Ha ha! 🙂

  10. I have totes in my basement that desperately need labeled. For whatever reason, I would have never thought to use the “scrap” or negative vinyl for the words! This has definitely inspired me to get my butt down there to once and for all get stuff labeled so I don’t have to open each one just to find my spring decorations 😉

    • So glad you were inspired to get organized, Janice!! I have to say, every time I make something with my Silhouette, I hate throwing away the negative vinyl! I was so excited when I thought to use it like this! Woot woot! And my ornaments are organized too!! Double win!

  11. You know, I was using masking tape and a sharpie when I packed my ornaments up– I should have done something like this!


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