Spoon-tastic Upcycled Junk Christmas Tree {Yes, with Old Spoons!}

Some couples roast marshmallows together.. others spend their winter snuggled by the fire. But for the hubs and I, we don our warmest sweatshirts and hit the garage for some rusty junk building!! And this week, we built this awesome junky Christmas tree! It’s my favorite DIY tree yet made from a tobacco stick and old spoons!!

Rustic Junky Christmas Tree with Old Spoons #Upcycled #Christmas

Welcome to Day Ten of our 12 Days of DIY Christmas Trees. You know the drill…

12 Days of DIY Christmas Trees #12DaysofTrees

♫ On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love made for me… Old Spoons and Junkin’ ♫

Thumbtacks a Stickin’

♫ Snowglobes a Flippin’ ♫

♫ Pinecones ‘a Pickin’ ♫

♫ Cork DIY’in ♫

♫ Woooooood Pallet Treeeeees ♫ (you know… like 5 golden rings!)

♫ Glitter that Shines ♫

♫ Criss-Cross Twine ♫

♫ Burlap I Love ♫

♫ And an Upcycled Tree that’s Sparkly ♫

Christmas Tree from Old Junk

So here’s how we did it…

We totally eyeballed this one and made it up as we went along. We took one tobacco stick and cut it into three pieces. One short one for the base and two longer ones for the tall sides. Then, we attached an old wood block to the bottom piece to give our tree a stand.

How to Make a Wood Christmas Tree

This is where things got tricky. We knew the taller pieces needed to have angles so they would nest against each other at the top. But hmmm… we are news people… not mathematicians, so we opted for the “eeehhhhh… that looks good”. Nope. “Okay, shave a little here.” Nope. “Okay, a little more on this side”. Okay, that’ll work! Then we nailed the top together.

How to Make a Christmas Tree from Scrap Wood

You can see how the top doesn’t quite match up… but you know what? Those little points remind me of the chilly December night we were in the garage building this tree. And I’ll take those memories over a perfect tree any day!!

Tobacco Stick Christmas Tree

Once our tree was built, I went for the spoons!!

Now… I have NO IDEA how to cut the handles off of the spoons. I lucked up and found a big ‘ol bag of old spoons and forks at my fave junk spot, and the handles were already cut off! Luckily, they were in the bag too!! But if you want to try to tackle this tree yourself, I did some research for you. You can check here and here for a couple different ways you can cut silverware!

Junky Christmas Tree with Silver Spoons

I tied the spoons onto my twine and put a drop of hot glue on the back for added security. Four on the bottom row was just enough!

Use Twine to Make DIY Spoon Christmas Tree

Then the hubs put some screws in the back our our tree so I could tie the twine around it on both sides.

Silverware DIY Christmas Tree

DIY Junk Christmas Tree with Utensils

And that was it… we continued all the way up the tree until we had this little guy! And I just love him!!

How to Make a DIY Junkie Christmas Tree

Don’t you think those spoons look like thoe gi-normous vintage christmas lights? You know, the big colored bulbs?

Old Silverware DIY Christmas Tree
DIY Spoon Christmas Tree Upcycle

I can’t stop giggling over this little tree… I just love it!! I’d like to say it is just “spoon-tastic”!!

Awesome DIY Tree from Old Spoons! Great #Upcycle

Here’s to many more “spoon-tastic” projects in 2014!!

Until next time friends,

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  1. Ahhh, this is SO cute! This might be my favorite of your DIY trees yet! And I love how you just happen upon bags of old, cut silverware 🙂

  2. This is SO creative, Candace. You are just unending with the DIY tree inspiration this year, my dear! And I’m with Emily…this might be my favorite of your 12 Days of Christmas trees. It’s just so out of the box. The creativity is seriously oozing out of my computer screen right now. LOVE!

  3. Finally I found the post about this tree, love it, so darned cute and so darned inventive. I happen to like how the two side pieces meet up on top, gives it a different look.
    Where do you find tobacco sticks? Now if we still lived in KY I might be able to find some, had tobacco growers all over the place there. When we build this little tree we’ll have to use pallet lumber. We have some big piles out in our back yard covered with snow right now. Hubs can’t work on things in winter, no garage or basement, just too cold out.
    Now that Christmas is over with New Years on the way soon I hope you had a great Christmas. Enjoy your blog so much. Happy New year. It’s time for bed, about 11:30 every night our dog comes in to let me know it’s time. He’s quite insistent.

    • Thank you, JaneEllen! We know a guy here in the Raleigh area who dismantles old barns and sells the wood. He has thousands of tobacco sticks that he salvages from those barns, so we get our sticks from him!! You could always check on Craigslist… but depending on where you live, they may be tough to find! Happy New Year!