Super Simple DIY Barn Wood Frame {Five Minute Tutorial}

When I say super simple… I mean grab your wood, wave your magic wand, and poof! In less than five minutes you can have this DIY barn wood frame!

Architectural Salvage with a Story

When I put together my rustic farmhouse mantel last week, I knew I wanted to frame the picture of the Old 1850’s House where I got my wooden posts. And with all the jiblets of wood that we have in the garage, I knew it would take me no time to find some scrap wood to make a frame. Here’s what I rounded up:

1. a white chippy piece of barn wood
2. one tobacco stick
3. two ‘old’ nails

I cut the tobacco stick into four smaller pieces measuring the length of each side of my barn wood.

How to Make a Picture Frame from Scrap Wood

Did you notice the huge chunk missing from the bottom of my barn wood? No problem. The tobacco stick frame will cover that right up. I made my frame a little larger than the picture I wanted to put in it. That way you would still be able to see the chippy white wood behind it. So, my barn wood was cut to 5×7 inches, while my photo was 4×6 inches.

Barn Wood Frame

Then I used my nailer to attach the tobbaco sticks to the perimeter of the frame. (See… no more chunk missing!!)

DIY Barn Wood Picture Frame Tutorial

To keep with the rustic feel, I wanted some of those old hand forged nails, but since I didn’t have any on hand, I hit the hardware store and found these lovelies! Got a whole box for $4! So, now I will have a stash. I love the old feel that they have. (Sorry, it’s a little out of focus.)

How to Make a DIY Barn Wood Frame

Here’s a better shot! I used the nails to hold my picture in place. No glass needed. I didn’t want to have the shiny look from glass or even plexiglass. So, once the nails were in, she was done!!

Upcycled Wood Picture Frame

Old Wood DIY Picture Frame

What do you make with your scrap wood jiblets??

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  1. Very nice picture frame!
    That’s being creative with old wood.

  2. JaneEllen says:

    Loving your barn wood frame, the rusticity is awesome, photo of that old house looks perfect in your frame. Wish I could get hold of some barn wood. We ended up having to leave quite lot of it when we left KY.
    I’m always snagging little pieces of wood when hubs is working on projects. Never know when those little bits will be handy. That’s if of course our dog doesn’t grab them to knaw on, he loves to chew up wood, typical lab.
    We finally got our l/r painted so I’ve been rehabing my shutter shelf. The shutter will be white, shelf a very light aqua and the metal decorative brackets will be white. Making do with what I have for spray paint. Still have 2 more weeks til we get paid again so didn’t want to have to wait til I could get color spray paint I wanted to get my shelf back up.
    Having fun deciding what goodies I’ll put on shelves and walls. I’m so happy to finally have l/r painted. Going for new color scheme and colors of things I’ll have out. Making some new art for walls. Just having so much fun. Think I’ll make some chalk paint out of some of aqua paint for the trestle table. Been thinking about painting it for while so think the aqua would be pretty in l/r. Made a quick table runner today for it with some aqua fabric with shells on it. Have enough left to make couple pillow covers. All this from 1 1/2 yards. So fun, makes me happy to fix the old joint up some.
    Hope all going well with your new business. Happy week

    • Oh, JaneEllen, I am loving aqua lately!! Good pick!! And about that table runner! I may have to commission you to make me one! I want a long burlap table runner with ruffles on the ends!! Been wanting one for quite some time! There are tons of tutes on Pinterest. But who has the time?!?! Sounds like you’ve been busy!! Hope you have a great weekend! I love hearing from you!! 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness: the term “scrap wood jiblets” had me grinning like a mule eating briers. As always, I’m leaving your site tickled pink and mega-inspired. Thx, Candace. Fan-freaking-tastic tute, my dear!

    • Oh, Lauren! A mule eating brier?!? Sounds painful! Please excuse me while I go Google said phrase. I hope I’m not inflicting any pain! Ha ha! As for jiblets.. we all have ’em right?! It’s time we give them an official name! 🙂

  4. Um.. can I have one all my own?! I love the lack of frame, and the nails on the photos looks so beautiful. I’ve got to be honest though…. I might be afraid of nailing through a photo even though they are relatively easy to reprint (assuming you’ve got the film/file)!

    • Ha ha.. you are sweet, Kristy! You could totally make one of these! I’ve seen your talents in action!! As for the nail through the photo… it was easy! I actually only had the jpg that the Durham Preservation emailed me. So I popped that bad boy on a flash drive and headed to the store where I printed it out for 12¢… I think I have all of about 30¢ in this frame!! Woot woot!!