Top Ten Craft Room Makeovers {Organization & Inspiration}

What girls doesn’t dream of having an amazing haven of crafty creations? A place to stash all you glitter, paint, and ribbons? A hideaway from the chaos of everyday life? An escape where our creative minds can soar…. our crafty hands can build… our … wait… maybe I’m getting carried away here. But doesn’t every girl dream of a craft room filled with labled jars, boxes, and buckets??

I know I sure do! So, I scoured the web for my top ten craft rooms!

Awesome Inspiration & Organization Ideas for a Craft Room #organization #craftroom

If I could snag a little bit of this one and a little bit of that one… I’d be in business!! So let’s get started! In no particular order. I am IN LOVE with this brightly colored craft station created by The 36th Avenue… the ladder, the stools, and that turqoise cart! I have a cart similar. I think it’s time I whip out the spray paint!

36th Avenue Craft Station Makeover

And that spawned my interest in pegboard organization!! Who’d a thunk? I have been wanting to put a pegboard in the garage to hold tools, you know, like, once we can actually see the walls in our garage again! But in the mean time, check out this organizational mecca by Honey Bear Lane.

Honey Bear Lane Craft Room Organization

As I mentioned, I am a sucker for labeled jars, boxes, buckets, anything to hold all the little craft junkies that get lost in my craft room. Lolly Jane nailed it with these wooden crates, vintage suitcases, and mason jars! Dreamy!!

Lolly Jane Craft Room Makeover

Two Twenty One has storage boxes to boot as well!! I like the crispness of this room!

Two Twenty Room Craft Room Makeover

And Raising Up Rubies took some old boxes and covered them with craft paper for organization! Cute tags put these little organizational charms over the top! Did I mention she created her craft room in an un-used formal living room?! And with a large table (baskets beneath for storage), it a great place for her girls craft nights!! Genius!!

Raising Up Rubies Craft Room Makeover

I can’t get over the pop of pink in Thistewood Farms’ craft room! Makes me wanna pull up a chair and start creating! (Note: More beadboard. I gotta get some of that stuff!)

Thistlewood Farms Craft Room Makeover

I was lucky enough to meet Shannon at Haven last year! Her craft room at Family Brings Joy has become one of her most popular posts… and you can see why!! I told her my favorite part were the giant scissors on the wall! I wish I could find a pair of my own! So CUTE! And she even has a video to show you how she organizes all of her supplies… WARNING: Grab a towel before watching the video. There may be drool involved!!

Family Brings Joy Craft Room

A little glam in a craft room feeds the creative soul! That’s why I LOVE the idea of a chandalier in a craft room! In fact, we just installed one ourselves. I’ll have to snap some photos to share it with you lovely ladies and gents! This black one from Happiness is Homemade really puts the finishing touch on an amazing space!

Happiness is Homemade Craft Room Makeover

I am in love with unique ways to display things, especially if it involves repurposed junk! So you can imagine the flutter in my heart when I spotted this craft room at Fussy Monkey Business. Embroidery hoops with bright fabric add a touch a color… and those metal bed springs? Those metal bed springs. Be still my heart!

Fussy Monkey Business Craft Room Makeover

And last but certainly not least… if you don’t have a room you can dedicate to crafts, The 36th Avenue has an amazing creative space that she put together on a tiny 3½ foot wall! Proving when you have a creative mind… anything is possible!

36th Avenue Craft Room Makeover

I hope you enjoyed a peek at my top ten craft room makeovers… and I hope you are inspired to create a space of your own! I know I sure am!! I can’t wait to show you what I have in the works!!

Until next time,

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  1. CANDACE! Aren’t you the sweetest EVER! Why yes, that’s why I gravitated towards you at Haven…my BFF from Haven! This is a great post on craft rooms! However, I’m realizing I need to BRIGHTEN up my pics compared to the 9 other craft rooms you featured. You know me, I’m a photography junkie, but you wouldn’t know that by looking at that photo. Oh well, it’s like anything in life, you live and learn. {I cringe when I look at my first scrapbooking pages.} I bought those big scissors at Hobby Lobby. Wait until they have their 50% off sale to purchase. 😉 I really appreciate you featuring me! And once again, I’m truly and completely excited for your success here on Vintage News Junkie! I need to call you and pick your brain. lol! Talk to you soon! xo xo Thank you!

    • You know I couldn’t do a post about craft rooms and not include yours!! I can’t wait to stalk Hobby Lobby for some GIANT scissors!! I gotta find some!! Ooooh… I wonder if I could just buy a bunch of chunky scissors and spray paint them in different bright colors?! That could make for interesting craft room wall art, if I can’t find the GIANT ones!

      And thank you for your kind comment about the growth of my blog! I have truly been blown away myself! And I couldn’t be more grateful. Feel free to pick my brain any time, friend!! You have my digits! 😉

  2. I am about 70-80% done my craft room and haven’t gotten around to posting one project yet but now I have some new inspiration to get it finished off!! Thanks for that Candace:) I am thinking I see a pegboard in my near future….

    • Isn’t it funny how we do that, Krista!? I am about 40% done with my craft room makeover and haven’t shown off anything either!! But I am with ya on the pegboard!! MUST HAVE!! 🙂 I can’t wait to see yours… perhaps I will do another round-up featuring our craft rooms when we finish them!! Ha ha!!

  3. Fun post. I had almost all of your picks as my own, too. I have been trying to figure out what and where Haven is. I know from my Bing search that there is a SyFy show, “Haven,” a restaurant, a CD bar(?), an assisted living community, etc. But I was hoping it was so super cool crafty conference/blogger affair. So if you please, what IS Haven?

    • Ha ha… you are funny, Jennifer!! Haven is a blog conference with mostly Home/DIY/Craft bloggers! I went for the first time this past year… and it definately changed my blogging life!! I have several posts on it… you can start here… Do you have a blog? I’d love to check it out! And even if you don’t… there were lots of gals there who didn’t have blogs but wanted to get hands-on with some of their favorite bloggers building and painting!! It was a blast!! Hope to see you there this year!!

  4. These are great Candace! Always good to see inspiring and decorative ways to store creative tools. If you’re a creative person and have lots of paintbrushes, paints, pencils etc lying around, these solutions will be sure to keep yourself organised.


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