DIY Wooden Sign for my Partner in Crime {& a MEGA Silhouette Sale}

Ya’ll know about my partner in crime… remember Mr. Spaghetti Sauce Jar Label Scrubber Offer?!? The hubs truly is my partner for all things junky, crafty, DIY, buildy, cooky, laundry, lifey!!! Ha ha!! And he has a little saying that he has said for quite some time… “Me & You, You & Me, Us Together!”

So when Valentine’s Day came last month, I knew I wanted to make something and I wanted it to be special!!

Hand Painted Wooden Sign

In honor of the INCREDIBLE Silhouette sale we are kicking off today!! I’m gonna show you how I made this little lady!!

I started with three scrap pieces of wood and my Kreg Jig. I attached all three boards to create my sign, then stained it using Rustoleum’s Dark Walnut. It’s my go-to stain right now!! It’s the same stain I used for our DIY Mail Sorter. While the stain was drying, I broke out my Silhouette and found an image I liked online. I couldn’t pass up the couple beneath the umbrella!! We all know that sometimes life’s storms can be overwhelming. It’s nice to know you have a partner to stand beneath the umbrella with!! <wink>

Hand Painted Wooden Sign for Guy

I used some Silhouette vinyl to make my stencil, but have you tried the Stencil Material?!!? Holy genius!! I used the stencil material to make my Junkie Burlap Sign and LOVE it!! You can use it over and over again… and wash the paint right off!! And GUESS WHAT!?!? It’s part of the 30% OFF SALE!! Use Coupon Code VINTAGENEWS !! You better believe I’m gonna rack up…

So… back to my litte sign! I chose to use the font “Pharmacy”… I downloaded it from (find it here) and sized the words to fit my sign. This take a little trial and error. But hang in there. You’ll get it!!

Unique Anniversary Gift for your Husband

And last but not least… a little something to add that ‘special’ touch, I made a frame to go around the edge! This was some of the trim wood left over from our DIY Mail Sorter… did I mention I put $0 into this little sign!! I cut it to size and painted it a light grey-blue color to match the couple!

How to Make a Wooden Frame

I attached the frame with a few brads from my nailgun and BOOM! A lovely unique gift for my hubs!!

Hand Painted Wooden Sign

Now… do you have a Silhouette?? You don’t have to have one to make this sign. You could always use the trace method… but I tell ya, a Silhouette sure does make life fun!! And did you know you can print and cut with this bad boy too?!? Like, oh yeah…. create an image you love, print it out, and the Silhouette will cut it out for you!! No more cranky scissor hands trying to cut out your latest creation!!

And if that weren’t enough, there’s a KILLER SALE starting today, March 20-31st!!

Here’s the deal…

go to THIS LINK.. and use code VINTAGENEWS to snag these deals…


Did you see all the goodies that come with these machines?!? No??? Okay, here’s the rundown…

Deal One: The CAMEO® was $357.92… NOW $269.99!!!

Sihouette Sale on CAMEO

Deal Two: The Portrait™ was $237.92… NOW $129.99!!!

Silhouette Sale on Portrait

And if you already have a Silhouette… WOOT WOOT!!! You get 30% off ALL SPECIALTY MEDIA!!

Yup… anything on THIS PAGE!!

So shop ’til your hearts content using code VINTAGENEWS !!!

Until next time,

Vintage News Junkie

Full Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however, I will recieve commission on any Silhouette sales using my coupon code. And I soooo appreciate you supporting this site. All opinions are my own and I ♥ my Silhouette! Click here for the full Disclosure and Policies.

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  1. Super cute! (and I love dafont too!!)

  2. JaneEllen says:

    What an absolutely awesome deal. wish I could but as usual something else has to take precedence.
    I just had to write a check paying to get my computer fixed. Have 2 more payments to make but at least I finally have my pc back, yahoooo!
    We’re very lucky we have a wonderful gal that fixes pc’s at our house and will take payments from us since she knows we’re not rolling in the green stuff. Just got my pc back little bit ago. Ah what a great feeling. Maybe I’ll be lucky to find a good deal on one of those awesome machines after I pay for pc. One thing at a time. That’s life. At least we have somebody to fix ours that will take payments or I’d be out of a pc for longer than I care to think about.
    Got to use my absolutely incredible Dollar Tree gift card yesterday. Got it about 2 weeks ago but hadn’t been into Junction to use it. I sure had fun spending some of it, still have more than half left. I’ll be guarding the card with my life.
    I’ve so missed getting to read the blog posts, it’s been almost 2 full months since my dear machine had a booboo. Love the sign you made for your hubby, it’s fantastic. Love the image you used, looks so professional as it should if you made it. Will take me forever to catch up on all my emails. Now I won’t get anything done cause I’ll be on here all the time, lol. Hope all is wonderful in your life. Missed you bunches. Til next post Oh and we did get a digital camera. Love it.

  3. What a gorgeous, heartfelt gift for the hubs! And you’re so right – – the umbrella motif is so fitting. When it rains, it’s such a blessing to have a buddy to stand with under the umbrella…and of course, to jump through puddles with. Oh, and one of my favorite songs is “Happy Together” by The Turtles…and that’s exactly the song I started singing in my head when I read your sign. “Imagine me and you, and you and me.” I can even play it on the piano still! (I think.) 😉