What D’ya Think? New Tee-Shirt Design (& Silhouette Sale)

Whew… what a week we had on our junk adventure!! If you missed it, check out Rusted Root’s Facebook page for tons of fun pics and what we ran into on the ‘backroads’!! Can we say cock-a-doodle-junk?!? Ha ha! Now, that we’re back, I am focused on taking Rusted Roots to the next level!! And that means coming up with a logo and tee-shirt design!!

Rusted Roots Logo Tee

I have oh-about-834 ideas for a logo and tee-shirt design… and thanks to my handy dandy Silhouette, I can can try out a couple to see how I like  ’em.

Customized Tee Shirt

Rusted Roots Tee Shirt

Rusted Roots Apparel

I absolutely love the name “Rusted Roots” for many reasons! Everyone can take their own meaning away from the name, but for me, I believe that just because you may have had a rough childhood, an abusive relationship, a horrible tragedy in your life… beautiful things can grow from those rusted roots! The same goes for old disgarded antiques… they may be rusty or broken, but with a little creativity, something beautiful can come from it!! That’s what my business is all about!! Creating beauty from Rusted Roots.

How to Make a Tee Shirt

I used my Silhouette to whip up this tee-shirt, along with Silhouette’s Heat Transfer Material. Have you ever used that stuff?? It’s pretty amazing!! I created my design on the computer and my CAMEO did the rest!! Iron it on… and boom!!

Rusted Roots Tee

I think it looks all profesh!! Don’t ya think?? And imagine all the colors I could make!

And guess what… starting today all of Silhouette’s Heat Transfer Materials are 30% OFF!! Woot woot!! I’ll take one in every color!!! And you can get in on the action too!!!

Shop HERE today through April 30th

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Plus there are two snazzy deals, if you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge to buy your own Silhouette.. check it out!!

Silhouette Sale Coupon Code

Now that’s a deal!! Here’s the skinny…


1 Silhouette CAMEO
1 Heat Transfer Starter Kit
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Was $364.96… NOW $269.99


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Click either deal above to purchase… snag the discount using coupon code VINTAGENEWS !!

Heat Transfer Tee Shirt

So, what d’ya think about my tee-shirt design?? Would you wear one?? I’ve got several other designs up my sleeve!! I’ll have to whip them up and perhaps take a vote!!

Rusted Roots Shirt
Until next time,

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  1. JaneEllen says:

    Wow gal you are getting too snazzy for words. Love the t-shirt design and you bet I’d wear one of your t-shirts. The shirts look great, love that it’s different and thought provoking. They certainly do look professional. You sure have been busy, love directions you’re going.
    Wish I could buy a Silhouette when I see what you and so many other bloggers have done with their nifty machine. Someday maybe, I can only hope. Now I’m going over to your Facebook site. Looking forward to seeing what all you do. Happy week

    • Thank you, JaneEllen! Snazzy, huh? I’ll take it!! Ha ha!! I do love how the shirts turned out even if they were only a first draft! And I really love the meaning behind the name. We all have rusted roots in one way or another. I like the idea that we can all turn those rusted roots into something beautiful!!

  2. Candace, I already was a huge fan of the name, Rusted Roots, but now knowing some of the deeper meaning behind it, I absolutely love it! I think the story of redemption is one of the greatest stories we can tell…and I love how that is represented in the treasures you find. And you really do have an eye for beauty! Looking forward to one day hopefully getting to shop at Rusted Roots in person; although I’ll definitely need to be driving a truck so I can haul all of my goodies back home with me!

  3. Stacy Loren Schneiderman says:

    I love the t-shirt…where can I order one?

    • Hey Stacy!! I’m so glad that you love the shirt!! I’m kinda smitten over it too!! This is just a first draft. I am tinkering with a couple different designs that I hope to share… and then I will send them off for mass production! I’ll be sure to let you know when I get some ordered!

  4. Can you make this on the portrait? Would the portrait be a better machine for entry level crafters? Thank you! Love the t-shirt design.

  5. I really like the design you whipped up! I have to say, my favorite part is that the T looks like a little tree. I can’t wait to see what other ideas you have and vote on the final design!

  6. I love this design & logo, Candace! And I love the story and meaning behind Rusted Roots. There is always beauty and meaning to be found, even if it’s old and dusty!